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Best Selling Manicure Table & Nail Bar Counter with Led Light

Modern Manicure Desk with Led light & Nail Bar Station with Unique Design in Store for Sale

Custom Nail Bar Station

Unique Deisgn in the Store

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As the saying goes, the hand is the second face of a woman. So many girls love their hands. Whether in work or life, a pair of beautiful hands will always improve your self-confidence. Extend a pair of clean, meticulous and tender hands, which all represent your quality of life and your personal taste. Nail art is also a more artistic life. Nail art can also have a variety of patterns. You can choose your favorite pattern to let the manicurist help you carve.

Nail Bar Stations in Retail Store

Nail art is a kind of more beautiful work of art, it will really make your hand a more successful work of art. Nail art has become a trend. Many girls have not only paid attention to face makeup, but also paid great attention to hand protection. Therefore, in recent years, the nail industry has become more and more popular and thriving. After being a perfect A, you become more confident, not only the people around you appreciate yourself, but also let yourself appreciate yourself. The so-called "women are the ones who please themselves" is for this reason. A good-looking nail style will increase the inner satisfaction. Finally, our self-confidence will increase linearly!

Another benefit of nail art is health. In work and life, nails are often damaged, such as nail frayed, broken, and other nail injuries. Professional nail art can protect and repair nails. And regular manicure will help to correct the nails and make your nails healthier and more beautiful.

The custom manicure table with led light in nail store.

 A nail shop need many manicure tables and serve for customer. You can see the manicure desk is black, and install the led light, nail machines. The material of the manicure table we use the MDF. The surface we use the black baking paint, the baking paint will be more glossy and shinny. What a important things is that the nail bar counter can be customized by us. We can customize the nail bar counter according your requirements and your shop environment. It will make your shop more harmonious.


Product Detailed

  • Material,MDF,
  • Size: 1.2x0.8m 
  • Surface, baking paint,
  • Color, black 
  • Style , Modern design,
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe

May I know your minimum order quantity?

The minimum order quantity is 1. but i suggest that you can order 2-3. because you need to consider the shipping fee. The more you order, then you will be more cost effective. If you order one, the shipping fee will cost at least 500USD to New York Port. But the shipping fee will be similar when you order 2. So that’s why when you order more, it will be more cost effective.

I am worried about the assemble problem, because we are different country. I know its impossible that your worker help us install it.

 I can understand your concerns well. Many of our customer have the same concerns as yours. The installation is really easy for you. If you need one, its a whole and need not to install, you just put it in your nail shop. If you order it above 2 sets, and you just put the nail bar station together. And connect the power together.

Will you install the socket and the wire that meet American standards?

Yes, we have done many export the commercial furniture to US, and we will us the American Socket and voltage. You can use it successfully in US. Different country, we will use the local country socket, and voltage, and you can use it successfully when you receive it.

How about the package? Can you keep the security about the nail bar counter?

We will use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner of the nail bar station. After we pack the EPE foam, we use the film to wrap the whole nail bar station. The Film can fix the EPE foam, make the inside package more security. For outside package, we use the MDF. The wooden box is really strong and can prevent the nail bar station from damage. And if we help you ship it, we also can help you buy the insurance from the shipping company.if there are any damage during the shipping, we also can help you ask for the compensation from the shipping company.

More Information
Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 1.6*0.8m
Materials MDF
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