We must pay attention to the decoration of nail salons. Because the decoration is good or not, it will directly affect the development of the nail salon. Many friends who run nail salons will not have good reasons for doing well, so they can summarize the reasons for management, products, and services. However, the decoration of the shop is crucial to opening a nail salon. So if you need good decoration, you need to have a good design before decorating the entire store. As long as there is a good design, we can decorate a good shop.

Nail Salon Decoration Tips

1. Details Design

The details of the decoration must be in place to give customers a good impression. These details include balconies, product display stands, sofa corners, and other places. And the nail shop mainly provides services, so the environment here must be clean and tidy. Only a clean and tidy shop will make people feel good. And the humanized design is more stylish.

nail salon furniture

2. Decoration Style

Nail salons are usually visited by girls, so if the decoration style of nail salons is more advantageous. Must highlight the warmth and freshness. Mainly let customers feel comfortable and relaxed atmosphere after they arrive at the nail salon. Some customers spend a busy day at work, so they want a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. So warm and comfortable decoration style is our first choice.

3. the Choice of Color

For the color selection of nail salons, in fact, the overall color should be based on warm colors. This can make guests feel comfortable. For the pen holders and hand rests of nail products, porcelain white or elegant black can be used. All our services and purposes are to make customers feel the professionalism of this nail shop. 

There are some professional tips about the nail shop. You need to pay more attention to the shop style decoration, the environment, the lighting, and the color matching. These are really important to open the nail shop.

Individual decoration

The decoration design of the nail salon must highlight individuality, so as to attract customers. whether you are starting a nail kiosk in mall or build a nail salon. If the decoration of the nail salon is too plain, then the customers will think that the nail salon is not professional and the products used are not guaranteed.

For the decoration design of the nail salon, it must be kept tidy and clean. Otherwise, no matter how beautiful the nail salon is decorated, it will discourage customers. Because this nail shop looks too chaotic. So we cannot make this mistake.

Soft lighting

For the lighting selection of nail salons, soft lighting should be chosen. Such lights often leave a good impression on customers. Pay attention to the different atmospheres created by different lights.

color matching

Don't be too rich in color matching for nail salons. Using too much color can make the nail salon look messy. So we need to pay attention to the color matching.

nail salon design

Space Arrange & Layout Design

Nail salons tend to be relatively small in size. So we need to consider the reasonable use of the nail shop space. We need to make the space of the nail salon more beautiful. This will give customers a good user experience.

Reception Area

The size of the reception area of the nail salon should be set according to the size of the whole shop size. The reception area is mainly furnished with reception desks, sofas, and tables. Generally speaking, the style of the sofa should match the overall style. Different reception areas give people different feelings.  For example, the reception area will be placed at the door, so that consumers can have a bright vision and feel the indoor and outdoor environment. There is also the location of the reception area in the corner. Although it is inconspicuous, it can provide consumers with a place to rest. If there is not enough space in the store, chairs, and stools that do not occupy space can be temporarily placed, and the positions can be changed at any time.

Manicure Area

The manicure area is the most important area of the nail shop. When decorating, it should also match the whole style. It is recommended to choose bright tables and chairs to attract consumers' attention. The nail utensils displayed on the desktop should be neat, beautiful, and easy to watch. And the mirror should be placed in a prominent and practical position.

Showcase Area

A neat and clean exhibition area can not only give people a very good impression but also reflect the professional level of a nail shop. On the wall, you can hang some latest nail art styles or recently popular nail art styles, so that guests have a better choice.

Arrangement of Remaining Space

In addition to the reception area, nail art area, and the exhibition area mentioned above, the remaining space needs to be utilized. For example, several pots of green plants can be placed on the balcony to increase indoor vitality. You can also put some small bookshelves and magazines related to nail art for guests to watch. Some blank walls can also be decorated with small ornaments.

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