Coffee shop design, counter, display showcase

As we all know, the styles of the coffee shop is modern and retro normally in the store or some kiosk. Have you thought the coffee style can be a special and unique? Have you thought it in your store? Every style shows different theme and meaning of the coffee shop. What style and what decoration you need, which will depend on what you want to express of the coffee shop them to customers when running the coffee business. When you have the ideas, the design can be bursted forth by our designer. I will show you one such style, which will make you feel amazing and catch your eyes.

Description of the coffee shop

Main special decoration design

The coffee shop size is very big, and its style is very fantastic. The most special design is the round table and one big cloud at the top. First, the table is big and round with cracks, which is beautiful decoration. Then the warm LED light strips are around the tables to show it much beautiful. Many pink chairs are also around the table for customers within the crack design floor. The best design is the cloud decoration, there are some lights in the cloud then shine it and make it look very dreamlike. When customers come inside the coffee shop, they will be attracted by such beautiful scenery of the shop and put their first eyes on it. It makes the whole coffee shop dreamlike and fantastic.

Bar Counter

The bar counter is decorated with cracks design and divided into two parts, one is countertop for the staff to make coffee and some other food, and another side is the cash register. About the working area, there is also one tempered glass display showcase to display some desserts and sweets. Customers not only can drink the coffee but also can enjoy some food together, and it is good match. One big brand logo sign is on the counter of the cash register, which is important sign for a shop and show to customers. At the back of the counter area wall, there are the display shelves to display some special or interesting things of the coffee shop.

Dining-table and chairs

Around the coffee shop, the important layout is the area for customers. There are wood tables and chairs designed with blue and pink colors which are put full the place. The tables and chairs are fit the coffee shop theme, which can be customized and designed.


There are many lights decoration of the coffee shop and they are put on the top of every tables. This is for the customers to make them feel the coffee shop much bright. Another function is that the lights can make the coffee and some food look much more delicious. So the lights also should be chosen. More function is that to help people take beautiful photos. The lights are subulate with blue.

Other decoration

Besides the main decoration design of the coffee shop, there are still many things to make the shop much more creative. For example, to put some green plants to decorate the shop, or make some expression words or some wonderful accessories on the tables or hanging on the wall.

Another area design

This is another area of the coffee shop, which like a small shop with a door. It is the same style of the main area. At this part, there is still one working area with the countertop and cash register. It is the same design with cracks decoration, display showcase. And the logo sign is on the cash register counter. The light strip is around the counter. At the opposite of the countertop area, it is the customers area with some tables and chairs. There is one small plant and light decoration on each table.

From this view, we can see more designs. The wall is painted with pink, blue and white. Then special design is the logo sign in the middle of the wall, and its rim is luminous. The sofa is against the wall and the small round tables with chairs are in front of it. The top is the wood board decoration. At the aisle between the countertop and seats, there are lights decorating rim on the floor and wood wall which is with many small cyclinders. Then inside the shop, there is one top tables with chairs against another wall side. On the left side, the display shelves shows the plants and other things, which is one decoration too.

In conclusion

The coffee shop is beautiful, fantastic and dreamlike with the excellent design style. Many customers will like it very much, especially the girls. Then the boys can also have a appointment with the girls in such beautiful place. When drinking the coffee and eating the food, chatting with friends, colleagues, family or lovers in the beautiful coffee shop, it is very enjoyable and wonderful.