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Everyone has a love of beauty, especially the majority of female friends. In the pursuit of the majority of female friends, the nail industry in China's gradual development and growth. Nail salons are springing up like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, and gradually come to the fore. This also makes many entrepreneurs see business opportunities, but how to open a nail salon? How much is a manicure salon? These problems baffled many entrepreneurs, the following pages for you to talk about nail salon management skills.

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Start your own business and open a manicure salon

1. Technical support

The most important thing is technology, which is the core of a store. No matter how luxurious the decoration of your store is, as long as your technology is not good, there will only be a handful of consumers patronizing your store. So technology is the most important thing to open a manicure salon. The tuition fee for a manicure is generally around 3000-10000 USD, which is the same as reading. Naturally, the tuition fee of a good school will be higher.

2. Location of stores

No matter in any industry, as long as the store is open, the location is very worthy of attention. Therefore, in the choice of address, it is best to choose in the place where entertainment facilities are concentrated, and there is a certain flow of people in the streets or shopping malls. The choice of Manicure salon storefront must satisfy the entertainment concentration first, then is the flow of people. Just imagine, the station is crowded with people, but how many people will go to a manicure?

But the nail kiosk in shopping malls or entertainment center doesn't need to be too large. A smaller 10 square meters 10ft*10ft for 3 seats manicure table or a few square meters is enough, so the rent in the nail kiosk in the mall is about 3000-5000 USD/ month. nail bar kiosk in the mall is a very popular business trends now

3. Salon Interior decoration

Since it is a nail salon, and beauty related environment, the decoration style can not be sloppy. According to the latest research, the decoration style of the nail salon determines whether the customer is willing to return or not. The probability is as high as 50%! So to let customers come one time at a time, the decoration can not low standard. On the contrary, you should spend more time and money on salon interior design, display fixtures, as well as wall decorations. 

Often the bad performance of the nail salon, almost all is lost in the decoration, so in the salon decoration, we must work hard, to save money. The cost of decoration is estimated to be about 20000 or 30000. After all, the decoration should be carried out from head to toe, from inside to outside, and lighting and chairs are also needed.

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4. Nail Polish products

In addition to good-looking nail products, the more important thing is health, because the nail products directly affect the human body, so for consumers, the quality of nail products also determines whether they consume.

Manicure is a kind of repeated consumption. If a nail salon wants to retain customers, it is necessary to have healthy, safe, and high-quality nail products. Therefore, it is necessary not to buy too many products in this respect. It is estimated that the first inventory purchase will cost about 10,000 USD.

5. How much does it cost to open a nail salon?

How much is a manicure salon? Here I made a simple analysis of the technical support, store location, store decoration, and nail products for everyone. Finally, with the above 5000 working capital, it takes about $40,000- $80,000 Usd to open a  Standard nail manicure salon. and $20,000- $50,000 to open a fast nail express kiosk in the shopping mall.

Franchise nail salon business

1. The second way to open a nail bar salon

Joining the nail salon is a favorite way for many entrepreneurs, because joining does not require so much capital for self-employed businesses, but also has the support of the brand. Some good nail brands have been engaged in the nail industry for more than ten years, and their franchise stores are all over the country. This kind of brand is a great temptation for many entrepreneurs, so many people choose to join the nail salon.

2. How much does it cost to franchise the nail bar business?

Let's talk about how much it costs to join the nail salon? First of all, it is the technical support of manicure. Many nail brands, which are really franchisees, are free to learn, so there is saving here.

The second is the cost of joining the brand. According to Xiaobian's knowledge, the cost of joining a brand ranges from several thousand to more than 100000, even hundreds of thousands. Of course, this is related to the size of the brand and the store. If you join in, Xiaobian suggests that you should consider the franchise fee of 10000-50000.

Finally, the product itself, in the product, there is the support of the brand, so the product is not too often. Open a franchise store, not only can learn nail technology for free, but also have the opportunity to learn management and marketing related knowledge, so in general, it is more affordable to join in and open a store. In terms of cost, it only needs 10000-50000, which is much less than independent entrepreneurship.

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The nail salon is a profiteering industry. Today, the nail industry can be said to be developing rapidly, and the number of nail salons across the country is increasing day by day. For the future of the nail industry, now the nail industry is popular in Europe, the United States, Asia, and other developed regions, and the manicure handguard has been popular all over the world. However, with the change in people's consciousness and concept in China, there is a huge market space in China's market, and the prospect of the nail Market is immeasurable!

It's a good choice to start your own nail bar business or franchise in to invest in a nail salon. You should consider the location, decoration, and purchase of the salon, as well as how much money to open a nail salon. Of course, also need to understand nail salon management skills. I hope that the relevant information compiled by Ant-Display can be helpful to you. I wish you all a show in the nail industry.