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nail manicure table

Elegant manicure table nail beauty counter design used in retail nail shop

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With the development of economy and society, people pay more and more attention to personal external image. Especially for women, external beauty not only includes makeup and beauty, dressing and matching, but also involves all aspects of the body. For example, nail art has become more and more popular among women in recent years. Nail art is just like our usual facial makeup, which brings the original monotonous face to life. And nail art can add charm to the hands and increase women's self-confidence in social interaction. Although there are many benefits of nail art, it is still important to choose high-quality nail polish.

Nail Bar Counter in Nail Store

The manicure table has three nail bar station. The whole manicure table is 3 meters. Each one take part in 1 meters. In general, we will use the MDF as a main material, and the surface we use the baking paint. The nail bar counter we use the MDF as a main material, the surface we use the baking paint. The counter top we use the artificial stone. The material, color,size and the style, we will also can customize for you. So if you have own idea about the nail bar counter, please let me know. Then we can display all of your requirements on the design.

manicure table

Product Detailed

  • Material,MDF,
  • Size: 3000x430x800mm
  • Surface, baking paint, artificial stone
  • Color, white
  • Style , Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe

The Importance of the Nail Bar Station

In every shop, the style of the workbench and the style of the display stand are very important to a shop. Because no matter what business we do, customer experience is always the most important. Everything we do is to satisfy customers. So we need to add it according to the current fashion elements when we make the cabinet. This will make the whole shop attractive. This makes it easier to attract more customers, thereby increasing the total sales of their stores.

Customers' doubts before design

In fact, before helping customers design, customers didn't believe us. He worries about many problems. First, he is afraid that the design does not meet his requirements. Second, he is afraid that we are liars and his money is not guaranteed. Third, because of regional reasons, installation and after-sales are the reasons they worry most. Design includes 3D design, modified design, construction drawings. Our design contains modifications, and only you agree to this design. We can produce according to this design and drawings. Regarding the guarantee of money, we are direct factories and we have been to many places in the UK. And at that time, I filmed the factory video of the customer, and also sent a lot of cabinets we made to the customer. I also made a video call to the client, finally dispelled his doubts and started designing. Regarding installation and after-sales service, installation is very simple. You only need to connect the plug and the nail bar stations will work. After-sales, you can tell us if you are missing parts at that time. We will send you the corresponding parts back.

There are some question about the customer

A: May i know there anyone help me to assemble it?

B: For the installation, You may rest assured. Before we loaded it, we will assemble it in our factory. When you receive the nail bar stations, you just put them together. And connect the wire together.

A: And how long will it take if i make an order after the approval?

B: The production time will take about 15-18 working days for one. If you want to order above 3 sets, it will take about 225working days.  The shipping time will based on your country and which port you want. Like the customer, she located in London, it will take about 30 days to London.

A: may i know can you accept the Bank Transfer?

B: Yes, we support the Bank Transfer or West Union. If your order amount exceed the 2000USD, You can pay 50% deposit for production, after finish the nail bar station, you can arrange the balance payment. If your order amount less than 2000USD, you need pay the full amount together.



More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 3*8ft
Materials MDF, stone
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