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Elegant manicure table nail beauty counter design used in retail nail shop

1.this nail manicure table is very functional and nice design

2.we accept customize, can do as your needs

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Now more and more people like to do nail art. Beautiful nails will make women more confident and beautiful. As a beauty service industry that has emerged in recent years, nail art has become more and more popular. The nail industry has become the third largest female industry after the beauty industry and the apparel industry. Many people now choose to do a nail art business, because the nail industry is relatively simple to do, requires low investment costs, and pays back quickly. Generally, only some nail tables, nail polish display cabinets, and sofa seats are needed in nail salons. The nail table is a place where customers and staff work, so its design and style are very important. It must be very good-looking, but also very practical.

Well, when you choose nail table, What factors do you need to take into consideration?

  1. you need think your aim

Before you order the nail table,you need think if you will only use it for nail manicure or you also want do other business, like makeup etc. If you need it be multifunctional,then you need think other business will need have what tools, need it has what kind accessories. If you only do nails ,then you can just think manicure nail will need what kind machines and tools.when you do nail beauty, will need Lighting lamp, vacuum cleaner, nail drying lamp, and place to put nail polish and nail tools.

  1. the countertop need be durable and easy clean

When do nail manicure, will have nail dust, nail polish,glue etc,so you need always clean and countertop.You’d better choose easy clean countertop, like tempered glass,stone.

  1. the size

The size is very important, when you choose nail table, you need ensure it has enough space to work, put machine and tools,under countertop need have enough space to put legs.


Here today i want to share you an elegant also functional nail manicure table design:

This manicure table is 1.4m by 0.6m,table height is 0.8m.It all used nice white color,left side of the table has a tall cabinet with nail polish display on top,so when stuff do nail manicure, they can get the different kinds of nail polish,no need get up from the seat,so very convenient.On top of the nail table you will find a nail dust cleaner, when do nails, it can help clean the countertop dust.A lamp at right side to light the table area.On stuff side,left side you will find have many sockets, can charge and supply electricity for machines.Right side have two big drawers for storage.Middle has a shelve to storage.On customer side have 2 Nail drying lamps.The nail table basic material used is durable wood,surface finished by white paint, countertop used is thick tempered glass, it is very durable and easy clean, also looks nice.On outside of the nail cabinet and table right side, you can see two light boxes for advertising.You can see this nail manicure table design not only very nice,also very you like it?

Here are some detailed info for you to know this nail manicure table better:

  1. size:1400x600x800mm
  2. Color:white,other colors also available
  3. Materials used:MDF with white paint finish,tempered glasss
  4. Accessories:led lights, sockets,light boxes
  5. Price:680USD/piece
  6. Machines we can supply if you need:nail dust cleaner,nail lamps, drying lamps


What questions you will have about this manicure table?

  1. how long do you need to produce it? And how about shipping?

A: production will need about 10-12 days when order confirmed,shipping need check as your location, to American,Canada,Europe about 1 month by sea, to Au about 15-18 days.

  1. When i received do i need do some assemble? Is it complicated?

A: you no need assemble, before load the nail table we will finish all assemble, we will add light boxes,lights,socket, go wires,also will install the machines if you need, we will pack it just one whole piece send you, when you received just need connect the electricity then can use. Very convenient and easy.


Feel free to contact us if you want more details about the nail table!



More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Dimension 1200*550*1000mm
Materials MDF with paint
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