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The hand is the second face of the woman. In work and social activities, a pair of elegant and beautiful hands show your lifestyle and self-cultivation style. This is an important sign of feminine beauty. Hands are as precious and indispensable to human life as eyes.

Nail art has many benefits for women. For example, nail art can make your irritable mood better. For example, on weekends and Sundays, you can enjoy your leisure time. Then we need to go to a professional nail salon for a manicure. We can not only harvest beautiful nails but also enjoy thoughtful, meticulous, and all-around nail services. The most important thing is to have a relaxing time.

Nail Bar Station

In the nail bar station, we will use the MDF as the main material. For the surface, we will use baking paint as a surface treatment. The main color is white and red. The whole color based on the shop theme. Because it can show your shop idea clearly. For the nail bar station, we install the light belt to make the whole nail desk more bright. for each place, we install the drawers to store the tools. In the middle of the nail bar station, we do the cabinet to store the product.

Product Details

  • Material, MDF
  • Size: 1500X500X850MM
  • Surface: white baking paint, and red baking paint
  • Color, white and red color
  • Style, Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, led strip, stainless steel kick toe.

Production Process

The production includes 4 steps, a wooden cabinet, polish, baking paint, and installation. Each step is necessary for the whole nail bar counter.

The wooden cabinet

The wooden cabinet is the first step to build the nail bar station. We need to do the rough shape cutting according to the construction drawings. Then we will assemble the wood board to make the whole nail bar station. The nail bar station has been done according to the accurate size, material, and size. So no worries.

The polish

After the wooden cabinet, so we need to do the polish. The polish will make the wooden cabinet more smooth and attractive. The polish will take about 1-3 working days. It based on what size and quantity of your nail bar station.

The baking paint

After the polish, the next step is baking paint. The baking paint includes the 4 primers and the 2 finish coatings. The 4 primers will make the cabinet more smooth, can cover some defects. The 2 finish coatings include white baking paint and red baking paint. We will divide 2 steps to finish the 2 baking paint. We do the red baking paint firstly. Let it dry, then do the white baking paint.

The Installation

After the baking paint, we will install the sockets, the light strip, the logo, the drawers.


How to pack the nail bar station?

We will use EPE foam to wrap the inside of every corner of the nail bar station. As we all know, EPE foam plastic is a new type of cushioning and shockproof packaging material, which has good heat resistance, moisture resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Then fix EPE foam with the film. As for the outside packing, we will use MDF as wooden cases. This wooden box is strong enough to protect the nail bar station from being damaged.

When can we receive the nail bar station?

If you want the same and don't need a new design, then we only need to consider the production time and transportation time. It takes about 15-18 working days for us to produce the nail bar station. If you want more than 3 pieces, it will take 22-25 working days. The shipping time depends on your country. If you locate in New York, it will take about 30 days to arrive at the port.

Can you help me get a new one?

Yes, we can customize the nail bar station according to your requirements. You can tell me what color, size, or other needs you want to add. Before we produce it, we will help you do a design firstly. After you confirm the 3d design, then we will start to produce it according to the 3d design and construction drawings.

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Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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