Mobile phone stores becoming more and more as people’s living standards have improved. Now everybody cannot live without phones. So that is why many entrepreneurs want to open a mobile phone shop to start a business. They usually offer a mobile phone repair service, sell cell phone cases or other phone accessories.


Mobile phone shop design

The interior design of the mobile phone shop mainly focuses on the counter display, and a reasonable design can improve the utilization level of the effective area of the shop and the utilization rate of the business facilities. The principle of the interior design of mobile phone stores is overall balance, prominent features, harmony and fit, and convenience for purchase. The interior design of the mobile phone shop mainly includes space layout design, color design and lighting design.

Storefront design

For this storefront design of the cell phone shop, we make a 3D lighted logo on it. The brand logo is the most important part of the storefront design of the whole mobile phone store. Because the brand logo can let the customers know your business and add recognition.

Phone shop

Feature wall

On the back of the cashier counter, we put a feature wall for the cell phone store. This is a long wall with the logo on the wall.

Cashier counter

The long counter is a cashier counter and also a repair counter. The material is MDF with baking paint. This cashier counter can for 5-6 staff to work here. For the front design of the cashier counter with the hollow out lighted acrylic logo. The countertop material we can make it white color man-made stone or white color painting is also ok. This mobile phone store repair counter has drawers and cabinets, inside the cabinets we have the removable & adjustable shelves.

Phone shop furniture

Phone case display showcase:

On the left side and the right side of the cell phone shop wall all the same design of the cell phone case display showcase. The design of this cell phone case display showcase with a black slatwall and storage cabinet. Also can customize the brand logo on this phone accessories display showcase as you like.

Display showcase for phone case

Cell phone display counter:

On the middle of the mobile phone shop, it has three curve shape display counter. On the top of the display counter is the cell phone display area. The curve shape design of the mobile phone display counter is very attractive and unique.

Phone display counter

Display Showcase Dimensions

For the size of the display showcase for the mobile phone shop, we can customize them with the size you want. Or you can send us the floor plan of the whole mobile phone shop and then our design team will arrange the layout for you. We can make them in standard size or the size you want. For a wall display showcase, the standard size is length 1000mm, 1200mm or 1500mm. And the width usually makes 300-350mm, the height we can make 1800mm, 2000mm or 2200mm.

We offer the best cell phone displays and store fixtures in supreme quality and affordable cost. 

Customize Service:

If you got a store location but don’t know how to start? Welcome to contact us and we will help you to do it. At the first step, please send the floor plan or the total size of your mobile phone store to us. Our design team will make a new 3d model with your store size. For the customize store design we will charge a 500-800$ design deposit and will return to you when you order the cell phone store shop furniture.