The phone store design is our core to open the phone shop. Because we need to consider how to make the shop more attractive. And if need to consider which location is suitable to open the phone store. Because a good place will help you obtain the high visitor's flow rate to increase the selling opportunity. Besides the photo store location, we also need to consider how to decorate it and make the shop more unique and attractive.

The Advantages to Open the Phone Store

Mobile phones are very important helpers in our lives. In other words, mobile phones can also be said to be a manifestation of technological progress. There are many advantages of mobile phones. First, it facilitates communication between people. Because all walks of life are closely related, it is said that it also drives the development of other industries. Most mobile phones now have access to the Internet to learn about news and current affairs. Compared with such an information age, we obtain information more quickly and efficiently. Therefore, the advantage of selling mobile phones is that they are updated very quickly, and many people generally use a mobile phone a year. So the mobile phone industry is very promising.

How to Decorate the Phone Shop?

1.Design style of a mobile phone shop

The decoration of a mobile phone store first needs to consider the decoration style based on the brand positioning of the mobile phone store. For example, is it a brand mobile phone store or a brand mobile phone comprehensive sales store, etc. These need to be clarified before we decorate. After having a definite business plan, we can proceed to the next step of the mobile phone store brand image design.

The key point of the decoration of mobile phone stores is to give consumers a good offline experience. Help customers build the brand image of mobile phone brands to increase customer consumption rates. As there are many mobile phone brands, decoration styles are also different. This is why we need to determine the design style and color matching according to what brand of mobile phones are sold in the mobile phone store.

2.The layout of the mobile phone shop

The layout of the mobile phone shop decoration is very important. The entrance needs to be spacious and generous, and the distance between the mobile phone showcase and the showcase should be as wide as possible. This approach allows consumers to watch mobile phones or other accessories on both sides of the showcase in the aisle at the same time. When packing pillars or right angles, use arc-shaped showcases as much as possible to prevent children from being injured or consumers hitting them.

3.The lights of the mobile phone shop

The decoration of mobile phone shops needs bright lights. The lighting is related to the advertising lights, switches and ceiling lights of each showcase. Therefore, it is very important to make a reasonable layout of the wiring plan of the mobile phone shop. And because of the high frequency of use of wires, we need to choose good brand wires to avoid fires due to voltage overload.

5.Mobile phone facade

The decoration of the mobile phone shop is very critical in the doorway, due to the sun and rain. Do a good job of waterproofing the door head to prevent the signboard from rot and deformation due to rainwater penetration. Furthermore, since the mobile phone shop signs are filled with people coming and going, it is recommended to use steel welded steel frames for the signs. Then there must be more reinforcement, and then pave the surface layer of decoration materials to beautify the store brand image. Do not cut corners and be blown off by the wind or the decoration materials rot and fall to harm the innocent people. So the store sign is the top priority.

phone store design

Phone Display Showcase

The main colors of this mobile phone shop are white and blue. Set against each other with the store's LOGO, which is more conducive to expressing the purpose of your brand. In the middle of the store, we placed an iPad display desk for customers to watch. Place phone glass display on both sides, this is a conventional display showcase with price comparison. Customers can display according to the brand they want. We use wall cabinet display to display mobile phone accessories on the wall. The design of these stores is quite regular, which makes the store look clear at a glance. Convenient for customers to purchase.

How to install it?

It's not difficult for you. Before we loaded it, we will install the display showcase in our factory. And the all of the led light has been installed in the showcase. When you receive the display cabinet, you just connect the wire together. And connect your shop power, then the showcase can work successfully.

How long it will take for the whole project?

the production time will take the 28-32 working days, the shipping time based on which country you locate.

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