Fashion Retail Sunglasses Interior Design

In recent years, sunglasses have become more and more popular. They not only protect our eyes and block ultraviolet rays but are also a symbol of fashion. No matter what age, everyone needs a pair of beautiful and fashionable sunglasses. It is very convenient when we are out. If you find a suitable location and plan to open a new sunglasses store or sunglass kiosk in the shopping mall, an eye-catching 3D store design is necessary. we can provide you with exquisite design and help you finish a good project.

Unique store style

The style of this sunglasses shop is modern industrial style. The main material of the display furniture is solid wood. Because the customer wants to express a natural and practical theme, our designer added a lot of modern elements to create this design, and according to the customer's ideas made some changes. When he checked our design, he was very satisfied and quickly confirmed the final design.

Sunglasses store interior design


Store interior layout details

From this picture, we can see that the colors of this sunglasses shop are mainly brown and black, which look modern and beautiful. The facade design uses a white acrylic luminous logo. For the facade design, bright colors will attract more people's attention. The layout inside it is mainly several wall cabinets, display cabinets, and cashier counters, etc. A lot of spotlights and droplights are installed on the ceiling to improve the brightness of the shop and use a steel frame to fix the wooden frame on the ceiling to make this shop look more unique.

Wall cabinet

Placing wall cabinets on the walls on both sides can save space and wall decoration costs. LED light strips are installed in the wall cabinet. the products can look more beautiful with lighting. Under is a storage drawer, which can store a lot of sunglasses in stock. Putting some posters in the middle of the wall cabinet as decoration will not make people feel monotonous. In addition, there are 3 small display cabinets in the middle of the store, which can put new sunglasses to attract customers. The cabinet is supported by stainless steel, which is very strong and stable.

Checkout counter

Let us notice the design of the cash register counter, the colour is mainly black, and the logo is added on the outside of the counter to make it look better. The wall sides are brown and decorated with some modern elements to make it look more perfect. We will design the cash register counter according to your store floor plan. If you want other shapes, such as round shape or arc shape, we can custom make it based on your requirement. Next to the cashier is the consultation desk, where you can introduce your products and give opinions to people, and the other side is a fixed wall shelf, you can display related products to increase your profits.


Sunglasses store interior design


How to make a new 3d design?

  • Firstly. Contact us and tell us your requirement. Because we are a custom factory, everyone has different requirements for design, so we suggest making a new design based on your needs. Such as colour, size, logo, and furniture style. etc. We can add them to the design and show them to you.
  • Secondly. Confirm and modify the design. For designing the whole store, we will send the design to you for confirmation within 3-4 working days. If you want to modify, you can tell us to ensure that the design is perfect.
  • Finally. Arrange the 50% deposit and production. When you confirm the final design, you can arrange a 50% deposit. At the same time, we will also make a detailed construction plan for you to check everything is good. The construction plan includes our production steps, circuit layout, and other details. After you check, we will arrange the production.

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