he appearance of mobile phone stores will directly affect consumers' desire for consumption. If the exterior design of the mobile phone shop is more exquisite, then consumers will be very happy to enter the shop. This increases sales opportunities.

Why we need to open the phone store?

No matter where you are in contemporary society, you will see many people using mobile phones. Now with the development of technology, you will understand the world more and more. Because there will be a lot of real-time news on the phone, you can not only understand what is happening in your country. Information about other countries can also be obtained at any time. You don’t have to worry about your friends or family members being unable to contact you.

As long as you bring your mobile phone out, you can contact them. Most people think that mobile phones are a very useful necessity for them. Therefore, their requirements for mobile phones are also very high, so sometimes they will personally choose a mobile phone that suits them in the phone store.

Precautions for Decoration of Phone Stores

Lighting design:

 In fact, the mobile phone itself is also a luxury accessory, it will be more atmospheric and high-grade when placed under the light. At this time, the lighting design in the mobile phone store needs to be in place. The lights inside the store should be set reasonably, and don't set too many. Because the light is too bright, it will make people unable to open the eyes, which is counterproductive.

Indoor layout:

The layout of the mobile phone store must be scientific and reasonable, and more refined. If you just simply stand in two rows, it will be very innovative. The placement of mobile phones at the counter of the mobile phone shop must be special. Let the novel layout and design retain the hearts of consumers, thereby enhancing sales opportunities.

Other things to note:

We need to consider safety fire protection design, because this will make customers feel more secure. In terms of space, we need to make the visual sense of space stronger. Only by being comprehensive can attract consumers' attention. Another drawback is that if you ask an ordinary decoration design company to help design, it is easy to cause similarity with other mobile phone store decoration designs. So I suggest that it is very important to make design money and have your own ideas, and the most important thing is to find a company that specializes in the production of commercial furniture. Ant Display can help you design a unique shop.

phone store

Phone Display Table You Can Get

The overall color of the mobile phone shop is white and wood. The main phone display of the shop is a white display. The center of the shop is a white independent display. We have added light strips to each display cabinet to make the whole shop brighter and more attractive.

How to Order the Phone Displays from Ant Display?

  • Firstly,we suggest we can do a design firstly. You can tell the sales people what style of the phone display counter you want, and your ideas about the phone display. then our salespeople will get back your idea to our designer. The designer will display all of your requirements on the design. Then you will know the phone display showcase it is whether you want. If there any changes, we can help you modify it.
  • After you confirm the design, then we will produce the phone displays according the design with no mistake.
  • Before produce the phone showcase, please arrange the 50% deposit for production. After finish the phone display showcase, please arrange the balance payment.

When will we receive the phone displays?

The design time will take 3-5working days, the production time will take about 28-32working days . The shipping time based on your country and which transportation mode you want.

How to pack it and protect the security?

For packing, we use the foam inside, and the outside we use the wood box. It will be very strong and can prevent the phone displays from the damage.

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