With the rapid development of mobile communication networks, the 4G era is coming. The smartphone market has also developed rapidly. Smartphones have an increasingly important position in the global mobile phone market. Therefore, in the electronics industry, the competitiveness of mobile phones is very large. So we have to look for advantages to let customers pay attention to our products. Then we need to make the mobile phone shop more attractive. Then we need good design to attract customers' attention.

Selection of design style

Fashion theme attracts customers:

With the rapid development of science and technology, the upgrading speed of mobile phones is getting faster and faster, so the decoration industry of mobile phone shops must not lag behind. All electronic products should be at the forefront of the times and lead people's life trends. Therefore, the mobile phone shop must have a fashionable theme, and must not blindly follow it. We should have our own unique innovation, combined with the main products, and add fashion elements to the decoration of mobile phone shops.

Simple style to retain customers:

The storefront is designed to highlight the products. If the decoration of the mobile phone shop is too complicated, it will cover up the light of the mobile phone. Moreover, the rhythm of modern fast life is not suitable for complicated decoration, and people all like the simple but not simple style. Pay attention to efficiency, so the decoration of mobile phone shop should conform to the consumption habits of consumers in order to retain customers.

Combination of inside and outside:

It is easy to ignore the exterior decoration of many shops. In fact, the combination of interior decoration and outdoor decoration in the decoration of mobile phone shops. Including signboard design, entrance design, window design, etc., should be combined with interior decoration style to unify color tone, lighting, background, and so on. The structure of our entire store does not give people a sense of separation, which enhances the value of the store and makes the mobile phone store look high-end.

Some Points to Decorate the Phone Store


Lighting is the easiest way for customers to notice your shop at first sight. The light is not only enough, but also exceptionally bright. Especially, women reflect the most beautiful side of mobile phones under the reflection of the counter glass. We let customers first focus on the product and see every detail of the mobile phone clearly. This will give customers a sense of trust and attract customers' attention.


The color of the mobile phone shop decoration is very important. This is to further position your products. We need to pay attention to the harmony between color and environment and commodity collocation. Only with a good color environment will customers have the desire to shop. Whether there are colors or achromatic color, these are all ways to attract customers.


Whether it is the placement of counters or the placement of mobile phone products, it should give people a well-designed logical sense. The layout of the shop should be clear and visible at a glance. Don't let customers find the products they want to buy and don't give customers a scattered impression. We should have a strict and professional state, and let customers come in and don't want to leave.

Ant Display

Ant Display is a custom manufacturer, can customize the shop furniture according to your needs. We have a professional design team, can design and produce the shop based on your requirements. We have done many cases from different shops in different countries. For the whole shop, we can help you do the shop furniture like the display stands, table, reception desk, logo, lightbox, the backboard. If you need it, please tell me.