optical store furniture

Optical store furniture is very important in a retail shop, they can show the glasses better and enhance brand image. Excessive use of eyes can easily lead to myopia. With the increasing work intensity and pressure, many people suffer from myopia. Glasses can help people correct their vision and see a clear world. Before opening an optical store, we have to focus more on the optical shop furniture decoration.

The optical store usually has an exhibition room together with a sales hall, optometry room, optician room, cleaning room, and even storage room. The exhibition room furniture is what we have to pay more attention to, includes wall cabinets, glass counters, display reception counter, logo and posters for advertising.

Optical store furniture

Layout introduction of optical sore

Part 1 Individual room furniture

Inside the room of the optical store furniture has different levels of wall shelves. It is an individual room that has a glass door, we can place high-value sunglasses. The corner has a large curved lightbox painting. Total 4 square display counter in the middle area has glass on the top and slat wall on the body for decoration. The outside room has a hole-board wall with a mirror and a removable display shelf.

sunglsses display stand

Part 2 Wall display stand

There is 4 wall display stand to place sunglasses. The top has a spotlight to showcase the sunglasses in a good way. The main display showcase area is a tempered glass shelf, we place more eyeglasses here in order. Between each two glass cabinets is a big mirror, clients can see how the eyeglasses suit them. Under the counter, the table is lock cabinets for storage.

Part 3 Glass Counter

Glass counters are set in front of the entrance door, consumers can see attractive eyeglasses frames directly. Which can enhance the customer's impression of the product and make full use of the storage space.

The display cabinet has an oval shape to avoid sharp edges and corners. The glass display cabinet is equipped with a lock, which can prevent theft as well as a good product. The surface of the cabinet is composed of 3 fast white finishes, which look simple and unique. An LED light strip is installed at the junction of the glass and the counter.

optical store furniture

Part 4 Wood display shelf

The glass window area has a wood display shelf, they like an L shape in the corner. Upon the wood, counter in a wood display shelf with a white metal frame. We can mark the style of the glasses on the hanging wood as a guide. On the counter table has boxes for display, we can also show other products to increase sales. Under the table are two line drawers for place more products. More sunglasses display stand show

Part 5 Double side display counter with sofa

Nest to the glass counter is a curved display counter with shelves. Two optical display racks are arranged next to each other like a double-sided display cabinet. They can also be used as screens to divide the shop into different areas. The tabletop of the display cabinet is wavy, which looks very unique and attractive. The optical display shelf display rack has a backlight, which can increase the brightness and highlight the eyeglasses.

Behind wall full of the optical display shelf, which increases the display showcase area. Under the optical display, the table is white cabinets.

There is a long sofa with a poster wall for seating. The escort can sit and rest here. High wall has lightbox posters for advertising, we can also insert TV player here to play video advertise.

sunglasses display stand

Part 6 Reception area

The reception area is very important for an optical shop. It includes a reception counter, optical wall display stands, double side display shelf, and table with chairs.

The cashier counter is stair-shaped, and the highest floor is the baffle. Below are the store counters and drawers. And the bottom two floors are used to put things on the counter. 

The back wall has curve shape display counter with light display shelves. There is a double side display shelf on one end side to increase the display area while another table with chairs. Customers can sit down and consult. 

optical display shelf

Brand logo and posters area

The brand sign is very important for an optical store, we can make a brand sign wall with posters to leave a deep impression on people. On the top of the display cabinet and counter body also a good place for the brand logo. Please just send us your brand logo, we will find a place for it and show the effect in a design drawing.


Materials of the optical store furniture

The main material of the optical store is MDF, it is good to use as display furniture material. The surface material is high glossy baking paint in white color. Plywood with the wood finish is to make the wall display shelf in part 4. Other materials include light lamps, stainless steel, metal, tempered glass, and acrylic.