The mobile phone is a high-tech product and an accessory to the development of science and technology. However, in modern times, no matter whether it is men, women or children, regardless of technical and cultural level, anyone needs a mobile phone. The functions of mobile phones are becoming more and more diversified. You only need a mobile phone to accomplish many things. You can surf the Internet, communicate, work, watch videos, listen to music, and pay. Its functions are more and more meeting people's needs, so people More and more inseparable from mobile phones. The demand for mobile phones is increasing and the updates are getting faster and faster, so there are more and more mobile phone shops.

Well,so many phone shops, how to let customers choose your shop?No doubt, your shop decoration is important.Here today i want to introduce you a modern mobile phone shop design: 

How to decorate a mobile phone shop correctly?

Wall design:

The wall design in the mobile phone shop is mainly reflected in the wall decoration and color selection. In the decoration of the mobile phone shop, it is necessary to grasp the style and color of the theme. The wall is an important part of the three-dimensional space display of the mobile phone store, and it is a good platform for the flat display in the store, so we must make good use of the wall. First of all, we decorate from the perspective of cost, and only need to consider using wallpaper, paint, etc. to decorate the mobile phone shop. The other is luxurious decoration. We can use modern multimedia technology, changing color wall screens, LCD screens and other equipment to increase the three-dimensional and multi-dimensional sense of the store. Therefore, before the decoration of the mobile phone shop, the design of the mobile phone shop is essential.

Lighting design:

In the decoration of the mobile phone shop, we must pay attention to the lighting arrangement. If it is too bright, it will hurt the eyes of customers and make people not want to stay in the store. If it is too dark, the visual effect will not be very good; therefore, indoor lighting can directly affect the atmosphere in the store, and the intensity of the lighting in the store should follow the design of the entire store; the lighting of the store can highlight the displayed products and enhance the display effect. The most important thing is that it can also improve the working environment of salespersons and increase labor efficiency. We must design the lighting of the mobile phone decoration is an important point.


Safety is the most important no matter when it is. The decoration of the mobile phone store should also pay attention to safety. The decoration of the mobile phone store must integrate all the details. Refractory materials should be used for decoration. In the decoration design, on the premise of meeting the technical and economical conditions of the fire-fighting water supply design, the aesthetic and reasonable issues of the overall design of the building should be considered as much as possible. Pay attention to the overall renderings in the decoration of mobile phone shops. Grasp the handling of every detail. Only when factors such as safety, high-end, and atmosphere exist, customers will like to go to your store.

Indoor layout:

Whether it is the placement of the counter or the placement of mobile phone products, it must give people a sense of well-designed logic. The layout of the mobile phone shop is clear and visible at a glance. It is very easy for customers to find the products they need. The layout of the entire store should be clear and clear, so that customers have a good sense of experience.

Broad vision:

If your mobile phone shop is not big enough, then the decoration must look very atmospheric. Therefore, a broad vision is a factor that must be considered, so that consumers can directly see the products in the store when they walk on the street. Therefore, many mobile phone stores will install glass walls so that customers can easily see the products in the store. An unintentional glance, if it makes customers shine, will also attract many consumers into the store. This will further affect customer purchases. 

phone store design

To introduce the shop design to you

This mobile phone shop main style is white and blue, it used bright white and nice blue color,looks very nice and modern.Left are tall wall display cabinets for cell phone accessories,middle are display counters,right side are display showcases for mobile phone.When the phone shop, you can see the shop have many nice blue led lights for decoration, whole shop looks very attractive.Front of cash counter has a round table with chairs,can chat with customers here.

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