Cosmetics are essential for girls because good makeup can make people look confident and delicate. The best cosmetics are those that can absorb and adhere to the skin, but there are many brands of cosmetics. There are also many cosmetic shops in the supermarket. 

Today, I want to introduce you to the store's design of the MAC brand. We believe that many people know about it.

When we start to do the cosmetic store, we need to pay more attention to the decoration of the store. We all know that the good decoration and layout of the furniture will attract more attention from customers. When you prepare to start to open the cosmetic store, there is some information that you need to learn.

Cosmetic store design

How to get a good cosmetic store 3d design style?

  • The first is to understand the market positioning of the store, communicate more with the merchants, clarify the style and development direction of the operator's store, and find the correct positioning. Before proceeding with shop space design work, it is necessary to truly understand the positioning strategy of the business. Only under the premise of accurate direction, the 3d design will show all of the brand ideas.
  • Shop decoration design must be more strategic. The first task of a good space decoration design is to highlight the brand's positioning and business philosophy. Consumers generally add store experience to their buying behavior when shopping. The design plan under the premise of a good sense of positioning can attract more customers, so as to effectively expand the profits of the business.
  • Shop Fixture is also pretty important for the whole store effect. The style and structure of the shop fixture will influence the first impression of the customers. You can check here, and learned more cosmetic display stands on here.

makeup store

Cosmetic Store Interior Design

The cosmetic store design includes the ceiling, display stand, light, logo, reception desk, layout. All of these factors will influence the shop display effect.


You can see the cosmetic store include all kinds of light, and it will decorate the whole store clearly.

  • The ceiling has many spotlights and a light bar.
  • For the mirror, it will have the led light strip, the action does not only help customers try the cosmetic product but also can decorate the cosmetic shop.
  • There is much colorful light strip on the wall. The outside of the light strip will have a colorful acrylic bar. The customer will see it before they enter the store. For each display stand, there is a light strip on each display counter.

light strip


Except for the wall display stands, almost all of the display stands have mirrors. It is very important for customers to try cosmetics. It has a special decoration for the cosmetic store. Mirror will make the whole store more bright and obtain enough light.

mirror for shop

Display Fixture

The display fixture we have several types. Each type will have a different effect, there are many types on our website. And you can choose one that you interested in.

Lipstick Display Counter: The display counter is made of the 3 parts which include the display area, mirror, and storage area. On the countertop of the display counter, we have the display case for lipstick and the customer tries to a different color number. And find these that suit themselves. That is why there are some mirrors on the countertop. Follow the next part, there have storage drawers. If the customer likes some of these lipsticks, they can pick out the lipstick from the drawers.

display stand

Cosmetics Display Cabinet: The display stand includes the display area, storage area, mirror area. At the top of the counter, there are some cases to display the cosmetics like eye shadow powder, blush, eyeliner and etc. For each case, it has a mirror for customers to try cosmetics. The following is a drawers area to store the goods. It looks likes solid wood and will make the whole display stand more unique and attractive.

Wall Display Stand: we put it nearby the mirror wall. Each wall display stand has 7 layers to display the product. And the bottom of the display stand has a cabinet to store the goods.

display counter

Reception Desk,

In each store, the reception desk is very necessary. For the size of the reception desk, it depends on how much space you have, and which style suits your shop. Then we can customize a new one with all of your needs. If you want to suit your shop style, we suggest that black with wooden style will be better. You can check and find out the suitable one for your shop. →→


The main material of the whole shop fixture is MDF.  For the surface treating, we use the MDF and some solid wood. In general, the solid wood has textured to make people have a good feeling. If you like the industrial style, we suggest that you can combine wood and metal. It is very popular and can attract more people.