Eyeglasses shop design

More and more people need to wear the myopia glasses when they are in the school, or working. The reasons are that when they read the books, they don’t pay attention to have a rest or the cellphones and computers with the radiation is bad for the people who play the cellphones or computers or when working for a long time. Besides, sunglasses are popular by the people, and it is a fashion too, the sunglasses not only can protect from the sunshine but also can make people cool. So more and more eyeglasses shops are offered to people, and compete in the eyeglasses industries. How to make your eyeglasses shop is more popular and competitive not only depend on the quality and styles of the glasses but also the shop design.

Description of the eyeglasses shop design

The main hue of the eyeglasses shop is blue, which seems the color of the sea and make people feel comfortable. At the front side, there are different sizes of the glass french casement, and one door is in the middle of the two windows. Customers can see inside about the design and layout directly when they are outside. The special logo sign is very special too, it is made to seem an eye with one eyeglass frame and some words and it is at the top of the door middle. And some glasses shelves is against the window to display the glasses to customers. Two shelves are with the posters of the models who wear the sunglasses to attract the customers. Another shelf in another side is with the myopia eyeglasses poster.

There are the eyeglass display showcases to show the eyeglasses. About the showcase, they are made of the material MDF with white baking paint and the glass as the top. The legs of the showcases are green. About the showcase, there are many drawers, which is a decoration of the showcase and with the function to hold some eyeglasses lens inside to storage. When customers who select the style of the glasses, after they have tested the strength of glasses, you can use the lens in stock to make the eyeglasses to offer. Some tables also can show the display the eyeglasses, and some chairs are beside the tables. Customers can have a sit to try to the glasses whether is suitable for them. Besides, the staff also can have a good communication with the customers when they sit down. The all tables and display showcase are the same color, which can match the shop better. There are the mirrors on every table and showcase for customers to try the eyeglasses. It is thoughtful.

The wall is also designed with display shelves to show many different types eyeglasses. The wall shelves types also are designed in different parts, which brings the features of the shop design. The wall shelves are also with the logo sign and big light box of the poster of the model, which can catch the customers’ eyes on it and they can see the effects. The shelves with the led lights to make the eyeglasses much attractive. In addition, there are many spotlight at the every shelves top to make them much more bright.

Layout of the eyeglasses shop

The layout is also important for a shop. The wall is designed all shelves and some light boxes. There are 4 eyeglass showcase putting in different direction in the shop. What’s more, two different size long tables with the chairs in the shop too. At the back wall, the design is very special with blue background and led light irregular lines, then the logo sign is in the middle. The eyeglass light box is on the left side. It looks very nice. And one reception desk is made as L shape. Then the customers can pay for the eyeglasses at the reception desk. One small room is on the left corner, which is used for the test of glasses for the customers. The layout is very suitable for the shop. The whole design make the eyeglass shop looks very high-end and modern.

In conclusion

Every shop should has its relevant style. A fantastic design plays an important role of a shop. As the saying goes: People rely on clothing, Buddhas rely on gold clothing. Nowadays, at the time of focusing on life experience, decoration is no longer a simple painting of walls and floors, but more attention to the creation of atmosphere.

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