Direct Factory Sale for Cosmetic Display Counter & Makeup  Display Showcase for Cosmetic Store Design

Women love beauty, and they cannot do without a variety of cosmetics and skin care products in their daily lives. This makes the consumption of cosmetics industry extremely large, and the market demand continues to increase. And not only women, many men now also have a lot of skin care products and cosmetics. In such a hot market, many entrepreneurs are naturally concerned.

I believe that many of my friends have the idea of opening a cosmetics shop. What should I pay attention to when opening a cosmetics shop? Running a cosmetics shop is not easy.

There are some things you need to do well.

The first is location selection

Independent stores and shopping malls are such locations. For physical businesses, correct location selection is the guarantee for the introduction of human flow. The location of the store mainly depends on the direction of the passenger flow, and the reach includes two aspects. On the one hand, it considers whether the flow of people, vehicles, and logistics are easy to reach.  The second consideration in site selection is Brand positioning. So we should need to choose the similar shop around our shop.

Color matching

People fundamentally recognize the environment from the perspective of vision. Vision is the most sensitive, but vision is also the most critical. Compared with the passive acceptance of hearing and taste, vision is more active in the choice of targets. The first layer is color, so there needs to be a basis for the choice of color. In a high-end environment, we need to have a fresh colorful match. Obvious contrast can highlight the advantages of the store.

Interior design

Regarding the space design of the store, it depends on the specific display requirements. Different store have different spatial orientations. If it is a supermarket-type store, there are usually more high cosmetic displays. High wall-type structures will give people a sense of security and ease embarrassment. On the contrary, if it is a high-end store, it is easier to create a high-end atmosphere by appropriately reducing the high cabinets to maintain the visual transparency of the store.

 The Cosmetic Shop Information

The main colors of this shop are red, black and white. This combination is the most classic combination. This match is also the most attractive match. The most important thing is that we design with the customer's LOGO. This customer has done eyebrow kiosk on our side before and is quite satisfied with our quality. Now he wants to renovate the shop, so he wants to redesign his shop. He wants 7 positions for eyebrow trimming or makeup. Cosmetics can be displayed in other locations.

Distribution of shop cosmetic display cabinets

There is a separate glass showcase at the entrance, where you can put the popular products in the store, or the flagship products of the store. There are some white cosmetic displays in the middle of the shop. We also put the reception desk in front to facilitate reception of customers and cashiers. We designed red wooden strips behind the black showcase to better highlight the theme of the store. There will be a sofa behind the red wooden strips, which can be placed in the reception area for customers to rest and wait. There are several makeup tables in the back, specially set up for customers to make up.

Material of the cosmetic shop furniture and logo

The front white display can use plywood, but you can also use stone as the base material. The effect of stone will be better than plywood. The material of the black display cabinet is mainly MDF and baking paint. The material of the reception desk can be plywood or stone. If your budget is sufficient, stone is recommended. The stone will make the style of the whole shop different. His LOGO is mainly stainless steel luminous LOGO. The stainless steel luminous logo is very durable. And it will make the whole shop more refined.

There are some problems customer want to know

A: Also we are opening a new stores with makeup and threading. So I m planning to order all furniture from u. Would u be able to graphics my store?

B: Yes, you can tell me the size of your shop, and the general layout of your shop. If you have the favorite style or own idea, you can share me. Then we will combine your idea and your logo to make the 3d design.


A:How long the design will take u though ?

B:The design time will take about 3-5 working days for the shop.


A:How long it will take for production?

B:It will take about 28-32working days for the whole shop


A:How will the kiosk be packed? How many pieces? Also we want to make sure it is professionally packed so no damage happens to the kiosk during shipment. This is very very important that the kiosk does not get damage.

B:we will pack it inside for foam, and the outside for wood box. Each corner we will use the foam to keep the furniture secure.