Cosmetics are very popular in this society. Because we all use cosmetics and skin care products in our lives. Skin care is the most basic protection for the skin, and it is a necessary product that we need to use every day. Cosmetics can make you beautiful to a certain extent. When you are beautiful, you will be more confident than when you don’t wear makeup. Cosmetics can be said to be a very popular industry, because every girl will have her own set of makeup and skin care products.

If you want cosmetics to sell well, the decoration of cosmetics stores is essential. We all know that cosmetics are an important way to make up our faces, making us look more beautiful and energetic. Similarly, the storefront of cosmetics is also very important, so we need to spend a lot of time on store decoration. Only good shop decoration can attract people's attention. Good shop decoration requires good design. A good design will reflect the lighting of the shop, the display position of the display cabinet, the style of the display cabinet, and so on.

makeup store design

Notes for Opening a Cosmetic Store

Shop Location

A good location is very important for the cosmetics store. Because of a good location, you can ensure that your shop is on track faster.

The site selection can refer to the following content:

  1. Local prosperous commercial districts and areas frequented and consumed by fashionable girls;
  2. Large and medium-sized communities with dense populations and mature residential communities; (If your shop also provides skin care services, this kind of place is good)
  3. Prosperous shops near high-end office buildings and commercial buildings, targeting high-spending white-collar workers;
  4. It is best to have some clothing stores and shops selling women-related products nearby.

Shop Facade

The facade is a very important location of the store. Therefore, the facade must be novel and not overly exaggerated. A good facade can well highlight the quality and content of the store, and let people know at a glance what the store mainly sells. It can move randomly.

In-store Design

The design of the store must be simple and generous, with good lighting and reasonable lighting layout. It makes people look comfortable, warm, and feel like they want to come in and have a look. Good decoration layout will make customers have the urge to take a look.

Display Stand Design and Placement

Cosmetics is a young industry, and the consumers are mostly young people. The display cabinets of our cosmetics shops must have a sense of design, look elegant and high-end. The display cabinets of cosmetics should be placed reasonably, and the layout should be generous and elegant.

Product placement

The layout of the goods should be hierarchical, and the more expensive ones should be placed flush with the realization. Promotional items must be marked. Products of the same kind should be placed together, but not too many, but neat and beautiful. This is convenient for customers to watch and choose.

Small Accessories

Some small accessories that are popular with consumers can be properly placed in the store. It is usually placed according to the current social trend, but the quantity should not be too much, otherwise it will make people ignore the product and fail to highlight the key points.

cosmetic store design

Cosmetic Display Showcase

When you enter into the makeup shop. You will see the black display stand, the stand is really attractive. When you put this type cosmetic display stand in the shop. The whole shop will become more elegant and beautiful. There are different type and different size about the cosmetic display counter.

Some detailed info for the cosmetic shop design

  • size: it depends on what size of your shop
  • wood: MDF and tempered glass
  • Finish: black baking paint
  • Hardware: Slider, Hinge, Handle, Lock & Key etc
  • Accessories: 3D illuminated logo,led light,light boxes
  • Production time:

It will take about 28-32working days for whole shop furniture

  • shipping time :

Around 28-35 days ship from China to America/Canada/Europe;

Around 15-20 days to Australia

It depends on which port is near to you.

  • Package:EPE Form Inside + Bubble Film + Corner protection + MDF wood box

How to order the cosmetic showcase?

  • Firstly, you need to find a good place in the store or on the street. We all know that the good place will help you attract more customer.
  • Second, you need to find manufacture to build the shop furniture for you.
  • Third, you need to know your shop size, what color you want, what kind of display stand you want. We have professional design team, can help you design new one according your requirements.
  • Fourth, after you confirm the design, then we will produce it according the design.
  • Fifth, finish the kiosk, arrange the shipping fee.

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