What I want to introduce a cosmetics shop design to you today. Each brand has its own style, so their shop decoration design is also different. In recent years, the cosmetics industry has become more and more popular. With the development of makeup technology, people's demand for cosmetics and skin care products has also increased. Many people choose to buy cosmetics in physical stores. Because cosmetics in physical stores give people a sense of security, which is another guarantee. So opening a cosmetics shop can help you get more profits to a certain extent. Besides the shop design, you need to consider many aspects if you decide to open the cosmetic store.

Precautions for opening a cosmetics store

1.Site selection

The most important thing to open a cosmetics store is to choose a location. If the products you sell are not very big brands, just some low-end products are mixed with domestic products. Then we recommend not to be in the more well-known big shopping malls, because there is no advantage. Because the big-name products inside will directly affect the sales of your store. Choosing the most advantageous location at the entrance of a residential area, you should be aware that there is no similar cosmetics shop within two kilometers. Because of this, the chance of customers choosing your shop is much greater. If it is a product well-known to the female public or only acts as an agent for a brand, then you can choose a location in a shopping mall where there are more female customers.

2, the professionalism of shopping guide

When we go to the mall, we can see that there are only two or three shopping guides for a brand cosmetics counter. These shopping guides must have skillful makeup techniques and product awareness, that is, professionalism. They can get a glimpse of what kind of skin the customer is suitable for, and then introduce them to what kind of products they are suitable for. What is the effect after using the product? Most customers will trust the shopping guide.

3, promotion is essential

For cosmetics sales, unless it is a big-name product well-known to female consumers, even if there is no promotion, some people will be rushing to sell it out quickly. But for general mid-range brands and products that are not highly recognized by consumers, we need appropriate marketing strategies. If you want your products to sell well, the first step is to let consumers know that their products are on sale. In shopping malls, many merchants put promotional exhibitions in the center of the first floor to let customers notice the discounted products. Or cooperate with some shops and place the booth next to the hot business shop. Only in this way can promotional products be better known to the public and increase product exposure

4, focus on trends

In fact, consumers are most concerned with the product itself. Merchants need to study the popular types of cosmetics, such as the popular lipstick and eye shadow colors. Because in life, if big-name products are sold out or the price is too high, consumers generally choose cheap alternatives to meet their needs. This gives the products in their stores a chance to sell well. If your own lipstick or blusher has the same effect as the big-name products. Then after word-of-mouth spread, this product will also sell well.

cosmetic shop

5, Store Decoration

Shop decoration is also a very important part. Good decoration will allow customers to enter your shop to purchase products.

Fashion style:

The decoration styles are divided into modern style, European style, Chinese style, Mediterranean style... Of course, the decoration of cosmetics shops should be modern. Style, simple European style can also be considered; 2. Color fashion: The color must be relatively strong, such as red, black, gold, silver, and pink. . . Matching and using other colors) 3. Fashion modeling: In the processing of modeling, we should consider the processing of each surface, the matching of colors, the choice of colors, the modeling of the display, etc.   

From the functional point of view:

LOGO design. This is very important, it must reflect the business content and business culture;

Display racks. We need to consider the display rack and how to display the product more attractive. So we need to apt attention to the shape of the shelf, the materials used, the matching of lighting, etc.

Reception, We do the counter will be same as the style of the display stand. The shape, materials, and lighting of the counter is really important;

Warehouse,The location of the warehouse should be determined according to the house type;

make up shop design

From the big point of view:  

1, the merchandise display should be precise and avoid chaos. 

2, the color should be unified, and the color matching should be avoided.  

3, The lighting is adequate and rich.  

4, The style must be coordinated and the sign must be conspicuous.

Here some Design we have done for our cutomer. you can take these as a reference.