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In the shopping mall street, there are many shops of many business, such as for food, clothing, jewelry, handiwork, glasses etc. Every shop has their styles, which is different from others. When customers come into the shops, they can see the different interior design and feel different the shops themes and their culture. One shop interior design has its own expression. So to build a good design for a shop is necessary and vital.

As we all know, the clothing shop is an important of the shopping mall. But about the clothing, there are also many catalogue, such men clothing, women clothing, children clothing. These are big catalogue. Then still many small catalogue from the big catalogue, such as men business suit. Let’s learn about one business suit shop together. Store Fixture

Men business suit shop design

This is small display part design of the shop and it’s the front part. From this view, there is one big glass window to display the mannequins which wear the special and newest business suit. There are the spotlights to shine the mannequins. This part design is to catch the customers’ eyes to the suits and the shop, because they can also look inside the shop style and layout. If customers can be attracted successfully, they will go inside to find more nice and suitable suits, which calls window shopping. So the first view for new customers is important. 

Two display showcases are in the middle. One shelf is to show the ties, the second and third shelf is to show the business bags and leather shoes. There are two wood board decoration against the wall with the small cabinets and shelves. Then the small cabinets on the top is to show the shirts, and the shelves shows the suit jackets.

On the right side, there is one small place is to show the glasses, when customers buy the suits and the accessories, then can buy the glasses also. We can know the shop offers many accessories for customers, it is very thoughtful and meet the needs of the customers. There is big light box on the wall, which is a sign for shop and improve the shop image.

Look inside the business suit shop design, it looks very beautiful. The shop is a unified design and style The interior design display showcase made of high quality material and baking, which shows gold color, high-end and classic.

There are the reception tables and chairs in the shop middle to entertain customers. Two chairs are gray which is similar with the suits color. A small table is in the middle. Then one desk lamp is at the chair side as decoration. This part design shows the respect to the customers and value them very much. When customers feel good service in the shop, they will buy the suits.

About the cabinets, there are different frames in different sides. The top part is to show the ties, and the below part s to show the business suits. And one big cabinet shows two mannequins. When customers ave a shopping inside the shop, they can see more effects of the business suits on the mannequins. And they will have a feeling to try the effect of the suits. In addition, the lights are on the top of every cabinet, which can make the shop look more attractive. There is also the showcase to show the shirts too. And one small room is to show many types ties.

About the decoration, one big wash painting is on the wall, which express the taste of the shop, and can let customers feel the shop and suits are high-end and good quality. Clothing Racks

How to get the design and furniture of the design?

The shop needs a design because all cabinets, showcase, lights etc all need a exact size to fit it.

First, to contact us about your shop size and show us the floor plan to see the shape. Besides, please tell us the style you like and what layout you want. We will offer some styles for reference. In addition, we also offer you the advice.

Second, our designer will make a 3D design for you according to your requirements. The design fee will depend on your shop size, normal is $500-800 for a shop. But this can be returned to you when we build the business cooperation together.

Third, the design can be modified for you if you want to mane some changes or add new ideas, the designer will make it for you.

Forth, after you confirm the design details and arrange 50% deposit before production, our factory will arrange the production. When the furniture are finished, they will be packed well in several parts. When you arrange the balance payment and shipping cost, we will arrange the shipping for you.

Fifth, when you get the goods, you just need to install the furniture according to our instruction. The installation is very easy. If you have any questions, we will help to solve it.