All women like to shopping and they always think their wardrobe missing a piece of clothing. So many clothes store almost for the women clothing. What should you prepare if you want to open a clothing shop? On Ant Display you can get some ideas about the clothing shop interior design and some suggestions. Here we want to share with you about a high-end brand clothes store design, hope you can get some good ideas from this article.


The store theme

Clothing store decoration represents the brand style, represents the consumption level of goods, and even represents the turnover to some extent. A very ordinary clothes, displayed in two different styles of clothing stores, the effect is very different. So you want to open what kind of clothing store, you should choose what kind of decoration design style.


Before we start the clothes store project, the entrepreneur needs to decide the store theme according to the product and brand positioning. For example, the store theme of this clothes store is a high-end design as the products are dresses for young women. We need to finalize the store theme of the clothes stores first, such as your favorite style.

Clothing shop

Store lighting

The lighting of a whole clothes store need to be bright and comfortable but cannot too harsh. On the ceiling of the clothes shop, it has some track lamps for a whole shop. For the clothes shop, we can choose the warm white lights also. We need to make the environment well and let the customers feel comfortable when they come in.


Clothes store floor plan

On the front glass door it has two mannequins for showing some hot sale clothing. You can order some mannequins from our website also. Those mannequins are one of the important parts of a whole clothes shop. Because the mannequins can show your beautiful clothing better than hanging on the display racks. The customer also can see the effect before they try on the clothing.

Let us go inside the clothes shop. The two sides of the wall and the middle of the shop are for the clothing display racks. Inside is a small cashier counter and with a feature wall with a store logo. A mirror is indispensable which is attached to the wall.

Clothes shop design

Clothes store cashier counter

The clothes shop has a small square cashier counter. It is white color plus rose gold stainless steel strip, and looks really beautiful and matches this whole clothing store. The size of this cashier counter doesn’t need to make a big size. We’d better make it 1000mm or 1200mm length both good to fit the clothing shop. Meanwhile, the material of this clothes store cashier counter is MDF with white color baking paint with rose gold stainless steel.

Bantique 3d design


Clothing display racks

The clothes shop has display racks on both sides against the wall. All rose gold stainless steel material with a wooden base material. In the middle of the shop has stainless steel racks for display the shoes and some handbags.



Customize clothes store design:

What we professional is to customize a clothes store design exactly meet all your requirement. If you want to make a customize clothes shop, you can contact us for the design service. Please send us the floor plan of the clothes shop and our design team will make a new 3d model according to the store size.

We will make a 3d design for you with the style you want. For the customize clothes store it charge a 500-800$ design deposit. We will send the 3d design of the clothes shop to you within 3-5 working days. If need any changes, we will make the changes for you.

Clothing display racks