To open a clothing store, our first thought is to make a good clothing store 3D design. Because only a good design will make the store open longer. In addition, we also need to pay attention to other store opening factors:

  • Location: In most cases, store location and store image are the most important reasons for determining whether the clothing store's business is good or bad! We need to open the store at the center of the flow of people.
  • The source of goods and personnel is also very important. For physical stores, location + store image basically plays a decisive role, and the storefront looks at the image of the storefront. But often this kind of the first-class street and central store location, the rent is more expensive. So we need to make purchases according to our actual situation.
  • Product positioning, Positioning according to your own products so that you can find the exact location to locate the customer.

store facade

3D Interior Design


There are 2 styles of the shop.

  • One is of the facade is a long big size of the shop. The facade of this clothing store is divided into two parts. In the middle of the shop facade, you can see the service desk and logo. On both sides is where customers enter and exit. We have six hangers displayed at the door, which can display suits well, and customers can easily see them.
  • The second style is a small shop for the small facade. The middle of the facade has the light logo which is made of stainless steel. The door is made of glass, and people can see the interior vision clearly.

store ceiling


There are spotlights on the ceiling, and then each group of spotlights contains 4 spotlights. Finally, they are evenly distributed on the ceiling.

Display Fixture

The display fixture includes many styles like a display rack, clothing hanger, and display stand, clothing display shelving.

Display Fixture

Display Rack: The display rack is very useful in the clothing store. In general, the display rack has two sides to display the product. The surface of the display area is an aluminum groove plate, and then put the hooks to display the clothing.

Clothing Hanger: The clothing hanger has many styles. One type is the wooden style. Another style is stainless steel style. Most of the clothing stores will use the stainless steel clothing hanger because it is very simple but more high-end.

Display Stand: Countertop of the display stand is glass. The structure of the display stand is a white wood bar. At the bottom of the display, the stand is wooden drawers and can store the product.

Display Shelving: The display shelving includes 3 parts. At the top of the display shelving, which is a display area to have many small cases to put the shirts. Each line will put a different color, each column is the same color with a different size. The sales and customer can clear it clearly. Next is the sitting area, and customers and sit down to rest or put their goods. The bottom of the display shelving is a drawer cabinet. People can store their goods in the drawers.

display rack

Production Process

The production process includes 4 steps for wooden cabinet, polish, baking paint and primers, installation.

  • Wooden cabinet: we need to cut the wooden board, and assemble these into the wooden cabinet.
  • Polish, After finished the wooden cabinet, we need to make the whole surface more smooth.
  • Primers and Baking Paint, during the step, we need to do the 4 primers and the baking paint.
  • Installation, the final step we need to install the light strip, lock, and drawers.

How to Make New 3D Design?

We have a professional design team and can design a new one with all of your needs. You can tell us all of your needs like the ceiling, showcase type, color, layout and etc. Then our sales will get back all of your ideas to our designer. Then you will see the whole effect and the shop will how to look like.