To open a clothing store, we need a good store design to carry out this work. We all know that location is important for opening a clothing store. But the decoration of a shop is also very important to a clothing store. Because a good clothing store decoration can give customers a good sense of use.

So at this time, we need a good store 3D design firstly with your shop size, colour, and layout. You can see the whole effect firstly.

Clothing Store Interior 3D Design

This shop is divided into two parts. This can avoid customer crowding. For the outside part, it has two small storage rooms. And there can store all of your products. And there are some display stands nearby the wall and can display the underwear. The middle of the outside part has a small reception desk, can take it as a service counter.

light box

It has a mannequin outside, which can show the effect of wearing underwear on his body like a customer. There are also corresponding lightboxes on the two pillars, which can show you the products. We recommend using a soft film lightbox so that the advertisement can be replaced frequently.

The internal display area is a display with some metal shelves, which can hang underwear and pyjamas. The colour of the metal frame can be selected, and we will electroplate the metal frame according to your preferences.

Of course, there is definitely a fitting room in the underwear store. This allows customers to better choose the size.

clothing store design

Retail Display Stand

The characteristics of the clothing store display rack: beautiful appearance, firm structure, free assembly, quick disassembly and assembly, and convenient transportation. In addition, the clothing store display racks are elegant in style, noble and elegant, and have a good decorative effect, which makes the clothes display extraordinary charm.

The clothing display racks in the store are all made of electroplated stainless steel, which is mainly customized according to the characteristics of the product. Designing a matching product promotion display stand, coupled with a creative LOGO sign, can make our products stand out in front of the public. This approach can increase the promotional effect of the product, and customers can be more clear and understand.

interior 3d design

Production Details

You can see there are different clothing hangers. The different racks with different sizes and colors. The type is also different. You can rest assured that we will do it to combine your product and your shop style. It is an easy thing for us.

production details

Sitting area

It is a very wise choice for clothing stores to set up seating areas. Because most girls go shopping with friends. If your client is trying on clothes, her companion can sit down and wait. This will give customers a good sense of experience.

The seating area of this design is a small round table, which can then be used for four or five people. There are tables for customers to put their things. Doing so will make shoppers feel that the merchant has considerate and thoughtful service. 

underware shop design

Cashier desk

It is a small cashier desk, and the front of the reception desk has some stainless steel frame and will make the reception desk more unique. There is a logo on the upper left corner. The inside of the reception desk will have a drawer and a cabinet to store the goods. If you want to add your own ideas on the reception desk. Just feel free to tell me, we will add all of your idea to it.

reception desks for choice

Custom Service

We are custom suppliers and can customize the clothing shop fixture for you. We have a professional design team and can customize the clothing shop according to your requirements. We will do the 3d design according to your shop size, shop colour, and so on. Then you will see the whole effect on the 3d design and will know how it will look like. And if there are any modifications, we will assist you to modify them.

interior layout

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