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Modern design jewelry kiosk | retail display showcase for jewelry

Modern mall jewelry display kiosk
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This is a jewelry kiosk shipped to the Canberra mall in Australia. The customer found me and said that she got a 4x4m position in the mall. She sells jewelry and ladies' bags, so she wants to make a kiosk to showcase her products. But the mall manager asked her to submit a design and construction drawing of her jewelry kiosk because the kiosk can only produce after confirming that the kiosk's materials and style decoration meet the requirements of the mall. We designed this kiosk according to the size of the shopping mall obtained by the customer and her requirements. This is the final design after modification. After the first design is completed, the customer may not be satisfied with the design or want to adjust a certain place, at this time we need to modify it. Or based on the feedback from the mall, we also need to modify it until it meets the standards of the customer and the mall.

Modern Shopping Mall Jewelry Kiosk

It can be seen from the design drawing that the front part is a jewelry display, and the three independent cabinets at the back are ladies' bags. According to the requirements of the mall, all the display cabinets must be the same height. So the height of the cabinets we designed is 1.2m. For jewelry cabinets, the common height is 0.9-1.2m. Light strips are installed on the glass top of each display cabinet, which can provide enough lighting for our kiosk, and can also make jewelry or bags more beautiful under the light. Glowing logos are installed on the front and back of the kiosk, on the one hand as a decoration. On the other hand, we can develop our brand and let customers remember us. The other decoration is the tall sign. We can see that it has the customer's logo and product promotional image on it. This is also the most common decoration of the kiosk.

After the design passes the review of the mall, we can start production. The material of this cabinet is MDF, tempered glass, and baking paint. Propaganda pictures and logos require customer source files. We customize and produce according to the customer's source files. Therefore, we will install locks and keys for all the cabinets to ensure the safety of customers' products. Many people worry that they will not be installed after receiving the goods. In fact, this is very simple. You only need to put together several separate cabinets and then connect the mall power supply, it can work normally. Let's take a look at our work steps:

Design: The design needs 300usd design fee when we place an order, it will be returned to you. So the design is free. The design time is about 2-3 working days when we received the money.

Production: The production time is about 22-28 working days.

Delivery: The delivery time depends on your nearest port.

If you have a space in the mall and you want to build a kiosk, please contact us.


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Color black
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF, Tempered glass, Baking paint
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