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Modern Attractive Jewelry Kiosk Retail Mall Jewelry Display Kiosk For Sale

Modern Attractive Jewelry Kiosk Retail Mall Jewelry Display Kiosk For Sale

High Quality Jewelry Kiosk Design | Unique Mall jewelry Display Booth For Sale

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Everyone knows the role of jewelry, and it is a very welcome industry. No matter in that city or shopping mall, there are many jewelry stores or jewelry kiosks. Their style, size, and size are all different. Today this jewelry kiosk was ordered by a customer from the United States. It is different from other jewelry cabinets, and the way of opening the display area is different from other kiosks. Let’s learn more details.

Jewelry Kiosk Information

Size: 12x15ft

Basic material: Plywood

Surface finish: Solid laminate

Glass: 10mm and 8mm tempered glass

Tor kick: Stainless steel

Light: RGB light, cold light strip

Logo: Acrylic

Others: Sockets, hardware, lightbox/ advertising player

Kiosk Details


On both sides of 15ft, they are divided into two levels for display. The first level is a slanted wooden board. It has a relatively small width and has a baffle at the end. We can put a smaller jewelry tray on it. The lower level is also displayed on an inclined surface. There are about three jewelry trays on the top, and there is a baffle at the end. It is opened by pulling, just like a drawer, so even if we open it, the jewelry tray will not fall. There are drawers under each display cabinet, they can store inventory or some packaging bags. There is also storage space under the sliding door. So it is very convenient.

jewelry showcase


On one side of the 12ft is an ADA showcase and entrance, and on the other side are two glass shelf cabinets. We installed AA pillars at the door of the cabinet. The height of the glass shelf can be adjusted at will, and the inclination of the glass can also be adjusted.

jewelry stand

Each side of the display is equipped with a mirror, which can make our jewelry look more.

Middle Counter

There are a total of three cabinets in the middle, with a cash register and a repair station. A safe or some machines can be placed in the cabinet. Our electric box and main wire are also in the cash register cabinet.



We have installed white light strips on the top of the interior of the display cabinets so that customers can clearly see the jewelry we displayed. Because the customer's shopping mall is relatively dark, we have installed a light tube above the kiosk. When we put the jewelry on the countertop, the customer can clearly see all the details.

Toe Kick

We use RGB light strips at the skirting, its color can be changed, and it can be used as a decoration for the kiosk. 


In addition to the display cabinets and lights, we can see that this kiosk also has a tall pillar on which the customer's logo or lightbox painting and advertising player can be installed. Inside the lightbox is a poster. The content of the poster can make us sell jewelry. If the advertising player is installed, we can not only play pictures but also play videos.

Kiosk production

We are a factory and all kiosks are made by hand. When the customer places an order, we will start production. There are two kinds of materials for our kiosk. MDF with baking paint and plywood with laminate. The laminates include ordinary laminates, Formica laminates, and color core laminates. According to customer requirements, the materials we use for this kiosk are plywood and color core laminates.

The process of laminates is very complicated and it takes a lot of time. Because every cabinet has to be dealt with, including gaps, its workload is very large. The workers in our factory have many people's work experience, so our work is very rigorous and meticulous.

mall jewelry kiosk


After completing the installation and testing of the circuit, we will send the photos and videos to the customer, and unless there is any problem, the cabinet will be disassembled and packaged. Our packaging is very meticulous. The cabinet itself is packed with pearl cotton and stretch film, and the outer packaging is a wooden box and foam board, so they are very safe.

We can ship the goods to your port or designated address, delivery time is 25-40 days.

Ant Display Kiosk

We are a customized company, all our kiosks can be customized. If you have dimensions and requirements, you can tell us. We will design according to your requirements, and after the design is completed, it can be sent to the mall for review. We can modify any requirements of the mall. So you can accomplish everything with us.


More Information
Color white
Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials Plywood, laminate
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