Pharmacy interior design

Nowadays, people's living standard has been greatly improved, and more and more people pay attention to and pursue health. In this market environment, small and large pharmacies are more and more open. However, there are huge business opportunities and great competitive pressure among them. In the face of many strong rivals, it is necessary to upgrade the image of pharmacy to stand out. Some drugstore owners complained, why I spent so much money and energy, the drugstore decoration still can not achieve the effect, the business is still slow? In fact, drugstore decoration design can not only pursue beauty, scientific and practical is more important.

Description of the pharmacy design

This is one small pharmacy but multi-functional. Its outside appearance looks very special and personality. On the left side, the wall is designed with special decoration, which shows many signs with led background. The white part seems a “K” shape, then the red part seems a arrow. The red brand logo sign is designed at the top. One small window can show the special square shelves, and the pharmacy name is on the pillar to show together. From this side, One “E” is represent the first letter of the pharmacy name at the top too. It is really very special and attractive for people. On the right side, it is designed into a small door with two big window, which is convenient for people can see into the pharmacy. The big brand logo sign is also at the top and the pillar too. The pharmacy not only can show the their brand better, but also can show the special features.

The door head is the first place that customers pay attention to before entering the store, so the design of the door head must pay attention to. Not only should it be simple and clean, but it should also be conspicuous enough that passers-by will notice the existence of a pharmacy at a glance, so as to bring more customers to the pharmacy. If it is a pharmacy in the community, the name of the pharmacy can also be associated with the name of the community and printed on the shop sign, so as to enhance the memory of customers.

Do a good job of pharmacy door design, and pay attention to the partition design of the internal layout, so that customers can know your business scope standing at the door, but also to the store environment at a glance, increase the attraction of pharmacy.

The inside part design

The final direction of the design can be truly implemented into the pharmacy decoration, so a successful pharmacy design must be complete and unified. It is not just a gorgeous 3D renderings, but also includes detailed decoration instructions, the number and size of shelves and counters, the treatment of pillars in the store, the treatment of glass facades and so on.

The walls and ceilings inside the drugstore are generally white, which is more clean and tidy, in line with the image of the drugstore itself. In addition to the walls, pharmacy shelves are also the focus of interior decoration design. First of all, when choosing shelves, we must consider the positioning of drugstores and choose more appropriate styles and materials. Secondly, in the selection of color, it should also match with other drugstore decoration; Finally, in terms of pharmacy shelf layout design, we can ask professionals to guide us and give more reasonable shelf placement suggestions.

This one pharmacy inside is simple. The shelves are designed with the wood frame as the decoration and the shelves are glass. Different shelves display different functional medicines to let customers know it conveniently. One the right part, it is another type display shelves on the wall, which can distinguish them better. One short sofa is on the floor for customers to have a rest, and one white pillar with 6 shelves to put some books for customers but also as a decoration, which is special. There are total two reception desks here with 3 cash registers, when there are too many customers, it can improve the efficiency. One table with stools are beside the window, this area for customers to communicate and consult with the physicians, which is very thoughtful.

In conclusion

Good design can speak, and successful drugstore design can promote the image of drugstore, which requires that the decoration design of drugstore should not only have new ideas, conform to the aesthetic of modern people, but also ensure that it is clean and bright, and the layout is reasonable, so as to highlight the professional and rigorous shape of drugstore and make customers trust. Our factory can offer you the best 3D design according to the layout you want, the design points you have. One unique style design can help your business better.