The so-called retail store display means that customers walk in the store due to the layout of the store, product display and other factors. Although the route of a single customer has its randomness, the trajectory of all customers is regular.

Store display design lets customers go through more areas and see more products as much as possible in shopping in the store. Simultaneously, it can reduce customers' physical consumption in shopping and keep customers' shopping interest, freshness, and excitement at a high level.

Therefore, store display design is crucial for a store, especially when it is relatively large. The following is the shop display design skills.


Dextral habit

Retail Store is not similar to a mall kiosk that people approaching from all angles, instead,Most people are used to walking on the right hand. If there is no particular guidance, you also like to go to the right when you enter the store, and the flow direction is primarily counterclockwise.

The first group of shelves on the right are easy to leave a profound first impression on customers. (new products should be set up in the first impression area)
Besides, there should be few corners and no obstacles in the design of shops on the right. In addition to the entrance and exit, the shop is generally a closed-loop flow.

Clever Use of Lights

Physiological conditioning, in the store, customers' eyes will be easily attracted by objects with intense lighting and attractive lighting atmosphere.

Generally speaking, customers do not want to go to the corner of the store. If the light at the end of the store is still dim, customers will feel unsafe. Therefore, we need to make the brightness of this segment two times higher than the average brightness of other segments. andThis is also a trick to attract customers. ——Make use of the dead angle to make the dead angle immortal.

In short, an excellent moving line design can guide the passenger flow to every location of the store and ensure the maximum floor efficiency and overall output of the store.


Color Philosophy

Gathering people and attracting people is always the eternal topic of store management. Drainage starts from the outside of the store. Proper use of colour can increase a lot of traffic.

The colour itself has no temperature difference between cold and warm, and it is the visual colour that causes people's Psychological Association of cold and warm feeling. The light information of different wavelengths of colour acts on the human visual organ tube, transmitted to the brain through the optic nerve. After thinking, it is associated with memory and experience, forming a series of colour psychological reactions.

Clothing stores can also use the psychological effect of colour to overcome the shortcomings of narrow stores. Yellow, red and other colours will make people have the effect of "forward psychology" and urge people to move forward.

Convenience First

Customers like a convenient and stress-free shopping environment and a simple and straightforward shopping process. Whether the route is smooth or not and whether the route's width is appropriate will directly affect customers' desire to buy.

If the route is too wide, it will not only waste valuable space but also affect customers' interest in purchasing because they are far away from the goods. If the route is too narrow, it will make customers crowding each other and produce unpleasant feelings, which will affect the purchase interest. The most effective use of space is that the layout of terminals should follow the principle of making full use of space.


Keep Curiosity

People will be interested in extraordinary and personalized displays when they are searching without a clear purpose. Distinctive moving line design is easy to remember. That is to say, it has obvious memory points, which can enhance customers' desire to enter the store and prolong their stay time.

Through the display of novel personality, it is easy to arouse customers' Curiosity, who want to come in and "have a look". The more customers in a store, the more talents come in. If there is no one in the store, people dare not initially want to go in, but when they see no one, they have to consider it.

However, in recent years, the larger the store is, the more the store layout is, including some objects, sculpture, furnishings and furniture accessories. Some people joked that they didn't like the products when they went to the store, but the carvings were pretty good-looking. They asked where they could sell them.

And this shows that the display mainly attracts the attention of consumers. The store may display a lot of unprofitable goods at important display points. As a result, although there are many customers, they have no interests. So we should grasp an appropriate degree.



Attention: shop display design is as essential as the blood vessels in the human body, and it is the "lifeblood" of shop management! Almost all the shops with good business have carefully designed their route maps. No one's route goes in one line and returns the same way. That kind of route design is the biggest for the whole shop.

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