Because of the rapid development of mobile phones. Now the income of opening a mobile phone shop is pretty good. Although the revenue of a single mobile phone is not high, the current mobile phone holding rate is still rising rapidly. The replacement of mobile phones is also getting faster and faster. In less than two years on average, everyone needs to change mobile phone. Such market demand is still great. Therefore, it is possible to increase/increase in the sales volume of mobile phone stores and maintain a relatively high level for a long time. Therefore, the cashier of a mobile phone shop lies in the large sales volume, and the more sales, the more revenue.

Mobile Display Counter in Retail Store

There are many models of mobile phones displays in this shop. There are 4 phone displays and a cash register. The four phone displays have four different models. There are 3 types of stainless steel display stand, 1 jewelry display showcase, 1 repair desk, 1 phone glass showcase, 8 wall display stands. These mobile phone displays can make good use of the shop space to help you get a better display effect.

The stainless steel phone display stand

  • Size: 1.97ft long, high is 4.92ft.
  • Price: It will cost 1000USD for one

Slat wall high display cabinets

  • Size: 3.94x1.31ft for each,
  • price, it will cost 600USD

Jewelry showcase with 3d lighted logo

  • Size: diameter 8.2ft, perimeter 13.2ft.
  • price, It will cost 1800 USD

C shape repair station with 3d lighted logo

  • Size : diameter 8.86ft, perimeter 12.8ft.
  • price, It will cost 1400USD

C cash counter with glass showcase display, with 3d lighted logo

  • Size: diameter 8.2ft, perimeter 13.2ft.
  • Price, It will cost about 1800USD

Production Photos

Feedback from Customer

3 Useful Tips when decorating a mobile phone shop?

1.The decoration of the mobile phone shop should pay attention to the theme of the shop. Fashion themes will attract customers more than ordinary decoration. With the rapid development of technology, the speed of mobile phones is getting faster and faster. Then, the decoration of the mobile phone shop must not lag behind, we need to decorate according to our current popular elements. All electronic products must be at the forefront of the times and lead people's lives. Therefore, mobile phone shops also need to have a fashionable theme. And you must not blindly follow, you must have your own unique innovation. The most important thing is that it can be combined with the main product to add fashion elements to the decoration of the mobile phone shop.

2.It should be noted that the decoration of the mobile phone shop is that the interior of the shop should be simple in style. Simple style shops can retain customers and attract customers. But the main purpose of designing the storefront is to highlight mobile phones or mobile phone accessories. If the decoration of the mobile phone shop is too complicated, it will cover up the light of the mobile phone and claim the power. Furthermore, the pace of modern fast life is not suitable for overly complicated decorations, and people like simple styles. Therefore, the decoration of mobile phone stores must conform to consumers' consumption habits in order to retain customers.

3.The decoration of mobile phone shops should also pay attention to the external decoration: many shops are easy to overlook the external decoration of shops. Therefore, we need to combine the indoor decoration with outdoor decoration when we decorate. Including sign design, entrance design, window design, etc., it must be combined with the interior decoration style to unify the color, lighting, background, etc. The decoration of the whole shop does not give people a sense of separation and confusion, which enhances the value of the shop and makes the mobile phone shop look taller.

Can you help me design the phone shop?

Yes, we can design a phone shop for you. And you can tell us what size of your phone shop. And do you have favorite phone display stands, and what color do you prefer? And if you have your own idea about the layout, you also can tell me. we will display all of your requirements on the design. Then you can see the whole effect about the phone shop.

 How to package the phone display stand?

We will use the PEP foam to pack the edge and corner of the showcase and use the film to fix the foam and wrap up the whole showcase. The outside we sue the MDF wooden box. So the package is really strong and can protect the display showcase from damage.