Barbershop fashion always leads the whole society's appreciation of the beauty,When you pass by a hair salon, you will always be fascinated by the charming design and unique style of interior decorations. Whether the industrial look wall feature or the stylish counter stations, A unique barbershop design will offer you more than a haircutting or hairdressing service, it will take you to enjoy a fantastic circumstance.

Here is a wonderful Minimalist industrial style barbershop design for you, whether you are a designer or hair salon owner, this design will offer great inspiration.

Barbershop front desk design, simple but unique wooden look reception desk give your customers the best welcome.


Partition design of storage cabinet in barbershop, it can use for both functions. the metal storage lockers wooden cabinet base combined together to ceate a natural partition stands that help keeps a semi-privacy to clients.


This is a barbershop combined with real concrete and solid wood, to create a unique charm or natural atmosphere. When minimalism meets industrial style, different styles and different designs mixed to come up with a fabulous beauty.

Barber Store locker details to show all the unique specific skills of classic minds. 


Choose bold and simplify skills to build Window display and design of barber shop


Design of central barber area in barber shop, brown salon chairs with minimalist styling stations, all the salon mirrors or frameless to offer a large effect of the whole background.


With the brand concept of "low price, high quality and high speed", this barber shop accommodates 13 barber seats and 4 shampoo areas, with a space of 43 square meters. The concept is clearly defined by its smooth flow planning and "" spatial composition.


First of all, the designer boldly set the double-sided moulding salon station in the centre of the space, and ensure that there is enough space on both sides for the main annular flow. Around the cut area, 1500mm partitions with the same height are arranged between the shampoo area and the reception area. These partitions are also used as lockers, slightly blocking the view, but not so depressing.

Hairdresser shampoo station area design, black leather shampoo station is a wise choice, most of the industrial look space are combined with black, white, and grey. however, black is the most dangerous colour in those space, in this hair salon design, the back leather shampoo chair is just the perfect colour to fill the hollow of the minimalist theme.


Design of stainless steel partition in the shampoo area of barber shop, this is the best way to clarify the industrial look, old fashion metal adds more aesthetic beauty to the shampoo stations.


"Existing things", "newly created things" and "things in the process": these three elements are carefully mixed in space to create an unusual feeling, which will not be described as "low cost", but lead to an "original" new value.

The scene from the shampoo area to the haircut area, easy-going, solid surface, every detail tells something about new definition on industrial style. the minimalist feeling is estimated in every corner and every piece of tiles. 


Design of toilet door leaf in barber shop


Find the  Barber shop ceiling design details, have you ever seen such kinds of rustic and rock style ceiling? it was finished with styrofoam mixed with concrete colour to achieve a karst cave effect or rock look. it not only helps create a more industrial effect , but it also helps lower the cost of decoration. The owner must be a really smart guy and knows how to save money.


Setting the price low broadens the range of customers, which requires a stronger will to maintain their uniqueness without being constrained by catching up with the trend. There will be more demands to redesign a space that can create new value that resonates with a wider range of customers.

The design of the barber's area against the wall, wall design is the most outstanding features of this hair salon. the real rough rugged surface offers an original and wild beauty while the wooden textures and smooth edges will drag you into a modern advance space. 


Although the space is very small, it is designed as an open space, transparent and bright. In the silent colour, the best background is composed of a concrete ceiling and floor, which exudes the minimalist industrial style. The exposed wires are laid flat on the ceiling, and the T5 lamps are arranged, which echo with the lines and geometric pattern of the room and become decorations instead.

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