If you want other people to see your products and attract people's attention, it's not enough just to have good products, because you also need to have beautiful display methods and more novel display platforms. Take shoe experts as an example, you really have to pay attention to the basic skills of store fixtures placement.

  • First, the store fixtures must be placed in a conspicuous place. If you attend a trade fair, the position may be fixed. However, the angle of the shoe bag you choose is very important. Choose an angle that can fully show the original appearance of the shoes, not the dark side, but the side with better lighting conditions, so as to effectively enhance the attractiveness of shoes and attract people eyeball.
  • Second, the store fixtures should pay attention to the height of the display. The placement height also determines the user's feelings and shopping experience. For example, if the shoe bag is too high and there are too many types of shoes, people will feel dense and do not want to choose. However, if the number of shoes placed in the shoe bag is just right, the space is not good, and the height is moderate, it can provide users with more flexible choices The perception of the sub will be higher, and the probability of placing an order naturally will be greater.
  • Third, the store fixtures should pay attention to the spacing. The space between different store fixtures should be kept appropriate, not too small to make people feel crowded. It is also necessary to ensure that the store fixtures have a certain sense of spatial hierarchy. Other accessories can be placed next to the store fixtures to improve the visual effect. Can refer to a part of the relatively high-end cosmetics store fixtures placement skills.

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Ten aspects of display design

Store fixtures design is very important in the store decoration, a good design can bring good display effect, good display effect can attract more customers, only attract customers and drive them into the store, can make deals and improve product sales. Therefore, when you are ready to open a retail store, you must spend more time and effort to complete a perfect, high-end store fixture design. Now I'll talk about 10 tips of common design technique.

Harmonious store fixtures design

The display stand is composed of many aspects, including layout, lighting, colors, charts, exhibits, display shelves, display equipment, etc. A good cabinet design is to combine these factors into one to help exhibitors achieve the display purpose.

Simplify f store fixtures design

Ordinary people can only accept limited information in an instant. The audience is in a hurry and will not be interested if they can't get clear information in an instant. In addition, the complexity of the booth also easily reduces the efficiency of the booth staff. If you want to choose representative furnishings, you must have a choice, you must give up. Simplicity and clarity are the best way to attract an audience. The photos, charts, and illustrations shall be clear and concise. The design and decoration irrelevant to the display objectives and contents should be minimized.

Store fixtures design should highlight the focus

The store fixtures should have a center and focus. The focus of the display stand can attract attention. The choice of focus should serve the purpose of the display. It will generally be a special product, a new product, a most important product, or a valued product. Highlight key exhibits by means of location, layout, and lighting.

Express the store theme

The theme is the basic information and impression that exhibitors want to convey to visitors, usually the exhibitors themselves or their products. On the one hand, a clear theme is a focus; on the other hand, it is the use of appropriate colors, charts, and arrangements to create a unified impression in a coordinated way.

Eye-catching signs

Being different can attract more visitors, so it is easier to identify and look for visitors. Visitors who enter the display stand will also leave an impression and be touched with memories later. The design should be unique, but not divorced from the display objectives and business image.

The perspective of the target audience

Traditional store fixtures design, especially temples, palaces, banks, etc., emphasizes eternity, authority, and magnificence. But in competitive displays, the success of the display depends largely on the interest and reaction of the audience. Therefore, people should be considered in the design of shopfitting, mainly the target audience's purpose, emotion, interest, viewpoint, reaction, and other factors. Design from the perspective of the target audience, easy to attract the attention of the target audience, resonance, and leave a deep impression for the target audience.

Space consideration

The design personnel of the shopfitting should also consider the number of staff and the number of visitors. Crowded booth efficiency is not good, but also make some target audience lose interest. In turn, empty booths have the same effect. In this regard, the area of the display stand is the main factor.

Shopfitting Design of Customer flow

Exhibitors may hope to have a large number of free-moving visitors in their booths, or they may wish to attract a large number of visitors, but only allow the screened visitors to enter the booth; they may wish to record the data of each audience, or they may wish to record only a small number of screened visitors, or they may not even consider this job. The display stand arrangement is the key factor to the flow control management. Therefore, the design staff of shopfitting should know what kind of flow of people the display enterprises hope at the beginning.

The display stand  should be easy to build and dismantle

The structure of the stand should be simple and can be assembled and dismantled within the specified time. The construction time is usually decided by the display organizers. The design personnel of shopfitting should know the construction time before design.

Considerate and comprehensive design

The design and design of the store fixtures should be considerate and comprehensive. Once the design scheme of the store fixtures is discussed and approved, it should not be changed easily, especially in the later stage. The change may delay the construction, increase the cost, and even affect the opening. Budgets are often the source of contradictions. There can be a big gap between budget and design.

As a store fixtures designer, we must accept the budget realistically and try our best to do the design work well within the budget. If the budget is not clear, it does not mean there is no limit. This is likely to cause a lot of trouble. If the design and construction costs are too much, the design personnel of the store fixtures should be responsible. Therefore, we should insist on making clear the budget standard, controlling the expenditure, arranging all projects and standards in advance, and doing well in the design and construction work within the budget.

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How To Make A High-end Retail Store?

At present, for those high-end shopping malls, such as the century Westfield shopping mall and GGP shopping mall, the grade of the paint store fixtures is also quite high. At the same time, these shopping malls are aimed at high-end customers. if you want to start a retail mall kiosk there, you need to provide unique kiosk design and top quality kiosk fixtures.

This type of consumer values the value of the product. Well, this is also very expensive for businesses to make store fixtures. There are three types of people who enter the store: consumers with clear purchasing motivation, customers without clear purchasing motivation, and customers without purchasing motivation. Customers without definite purchase motivation have no specific purchase plan before entering the store, while customers without purchase motivation have no intention to purchase any goods at all.

After they enter the store to visit and browse, they can see that many people are buying a certain commodity, or they see a certain commodity that they have long wanted to buy but haven't met for a while, or see some goods with special feelings, or see a new product related to their knowledge and experience, etc., thus generating the desire for demand and purchasing motivation.

Emphasize the buying impulse

It is one of the important contents of the marketing management of retail enterprises to arouse the purchase desire of these two kinds of customers. To a great extent, the generation of such desire and motivation is that consumers enter and leave each other in the store. Consumers' attention can be divided into intentional attention and unintentional attention. Consumer's unintentional attention refers to the consumer's attention to certain commodities without clear goal or purpose and influenced by external stimuli. This kind of attention, does not need people to pay will effort, to stimulate consumer purchase behavior is of great significance.

If we consider this feature in the layout of the sales scene, consciously set up the relevant commodity cabinets, such as women's goods cabinet, children's goods cabinet and children's toy cabinet, to give hints to consumers, to arouse consumers' unintentional attention, to stimulate them to produce purchase impulse, and to induce them to buy, good results will be obtained. When people go shopping in supermarkets, they always buy more things than they expected.

Creative High-level Shop Design

This is mainly due to the design of the sales site and the deliberate placement of goods. The sales site is designed as a long shopping channel, so as to avoid consumers from the shortcut to the collection office and exit. When consumers walk around and have a look, they may see some goods that arouse their desire to buy, so as to increase their purchase. Another example is to place larger commodities near the entrance, so that consumers will buy large goods with the trolleys available in the shopping malls, and push the trolleys to continuously choose and increase their purchases.

Use High-end Store Fixtures

This design idea of shopping channel in a super shopping mall can be used for reference by other formats, so as to extend the "stay" time of consumers in the sales scene as much as possible. In the production of high-end store fixtures, there are high requirements in the design, production, and installation of store fixtures, so as to reflect the two characters of high-end.