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A business suit is one official piece of clothing, which is suitable for many occasions. The men need to wear it at the official company meetings, to wear it at some commercial wine party, press conference or when they meet the important persons. When they get married, they will also wear business suits, because these are all important and official moments. To wear a business suit not only can improve a man’s temperament and handsome, but also show respect to others. There are many styles of the business suits store, to decorate it base on your ideas, or the suggestions and design we will offer. The following one is unique and different from others.

Business Suit Store Design

The most special design of this business suit store is that it is not a common store, its design style is like an official leader’s office. It is really unique and attractive.

First, from this view, look out from the inside, a big glass window of the store, then customers can look at the store style and its design from outside, which can catch their eyes. And the mannequin with the business suit display stands behind the glass window as a store sign and show the effects of the business suit. Then customers can see and feel how nice the suits are.

This part shows the layout of the store. It is designed as an office. First, what comes into view is the sofa, table and chairs with a carpet in the room middle. The surface of the sofa is bright and smooth with 3 bolsters, which looks very high-end and made of the high-quality materials. Two big chairs with a small table around the main table in the middle. This area is for customers to have a rest, but it offers a special feeling to customers, which can let customers feel they are the leader of the office and talk with their ideas with subordinate or customers. Customers will leave a good impression of this design.

The second special part is the display cabinets. The cabinets are made of MDF with black baking paint and decorate with some carved lines, which is very high-end and luxurious. The cabinets are designed for two or three shelves. One or two shelves to display different suits, such as shirts, suit jackets, suit pants etc. And the last shelf is to display the special decoration of this store. The drawers at the bottom can storage something like accessories such as socks, ties.

The centre cabinet is special too. Its design is different. It is like a bookshelf of the office to hold the files and some books of the leader in the office. At the top are some decorations.

Aromatherapy and photos can be on the shelves. One counter in the middle of the cabinet to show some hats, ties, and leather shoes are shown at the bottom for customers. Two mannequins with the upper at the top of the display counter. And some mannequins are displayed at some corners.

About the lights of the store are a good choice too. First, the main lights are hanging on the ceiling, it is a kind of high-end and beautiful light, which match the style of the store very much. And some small round lights at the top and at the cabinets to make the business suits more attractive. And one-floor lamp as a decoration of the room.

There are many room and space in the store. So it can display many different types of business suits. Customers can have a visit of the store and find the suits they like. At this point, we can see there is one white cash register. And still some cabinets for the business suits.

How to get such a unique design?

The steps are very easy. We can make a 3D design according to your ideas and requirements. So you can offer the floor plan to us then we can know the size and shape of the store, we can have a composition of it together and talk more details. The design fee depends on the size of the store but we can return it to you when you have a cooperation with us. So it is a free to design and you really deserve it. The design can be modified for you at the initial design if you have some suggestions.

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In conclusion

The business suit store interior design is very high-end, special, unique, attractive and beautiful. A good design of the store can bring many customers and improve the brands and images. It is good for you to build your own brand and offer the high-quality suits to customers.

We are professional in offering a 3D design for interior decoration, if you have a plan to start the business please contact us to talk about the thoughts.