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People rely on clothing. With the improvement of their living ability, the consumption of clothing by the masses has gradually increased. Opening a clothing store has become a new way for many investors to make money, but as a new starter, it is not a simple matter to run a clothing store well. In this way, what should investors do? Below, please take a look at the tips for opening a clothing store, and a few important considerations for all new business store design

Before starting a clothing store

When many stores first opened, the business was not very good, and there were few people in the store. In order to improve performance, operators need to create the illusion of a prosperous business to attract consumers' attention.

Don’t block a large group of people at the door. This is not a TV series. The increased sense of oppression will make consumers pass by. and Don't give people the feeling of doing anything. You can put a few clothes on the cashier in the store, and the store's service staff can arrange these clothes appropriately. Store fixtures also play an important role in retails sales. Choose the right display stands is essential to the retail store.

Give consumers moderate space

Step by step is a common problem in many clothing stores. Under high gaze, many consumers will feel uncomfortable, so even if she has the clothes she wants, she will leave it and separate quickly.

When customers first enter the store, give a moderate amount of space so as not to scare away consumers. Of course, the space is moderate. If you choose to stock, the fish that enter the basket will also slip away. Therefore, it is a good practice to let consumers watch first, and service staff will watch in secret, and then introduce them when consumers have the style that they are interested in.

Open your eyes to identify customer level

As a service staff of a clothing store, it is important to be able to distinguish the level of customers. If there are only one or two customers in the period, of course, there is no need to choose, but when a group of people floods into the store, the choice becomes extremely important, doesn't it!

The skill of opening a clothing store: Through the customer's behavior, judge her consumption level and suitable type. Exclude customers who hang out in time (the priority of such customers entering the store is often not looking at clothes, but looking in the mirror.).

Wear in-store clothing and do mobile advertising

Compared with uniform clothing, the editor believes that the effect of the service staff wearing the clothes in the store will actually be better.

The skills of opening a clothing store: There are two major advantages of wearing clothing in the store. First, it attracts the attention of consumers; second, it creates a fog of high-quality clothing for consumers.

Service attitude is everything

In some clothing stores, the clerk puts on the attitude that you can't afford it, which is really annoying. Therefore, consumers often enter this kind of store once and make a vow not to enter the second time in their lives.

The clerk must correct his attitude and remember that the customer is always a customer, and you are just a clerk. Only in this way can the business of consumer stores be better.

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clothes shop design

How To Open A Clothing Shop With Low Budget?

Whether you are opening an embroidery kiosk in mall or start a clothing retail store. If it is the form of franchise, we need to investigate the number of women's clothing brand direct stores and operating conditions in the early stage, which can reflect the feasibility of this project.

A good project must be a market-tested project, and direct-sale stores are the best way to test the feasibility of a project. The successful operation of directly-operated stores can test the correctness of the project's business model, the suitability of the products to the current consumer trends, and the strong operability of store operations. The development of directly-operated stores also objectively shows the core competitiveness of the brand.

6 steps to open a clothing retail store

A good project directly operated store must be the same as a benchmark: the service is in place, the products are excellent, the decoration is attractive, the location is excellent, and the profitability is superb. If the directly operated store cannot achieve the above points, where should the headquarters summarize How about teaching successful experience to franchisees?

Inspect whether the headquarters has directly operated stores and operating conditions.

The operation of a store is usually based on the first quarter or six months of rent payment. A direct store, after three months of operation, if there is no hope of profit, it may continue for another three months, but if it fails to meet the profit in six months, it will Choosing to give up, so a direct-operated store can continue to operate for the length of time, the basis for profit can be determined, and the feasibility of the project can be confirmed.

The more directly-operated stores a brand owns and the longer the operating time of the directly-operated stores, the richer the accumulated operational practical experience.

Clothing store location

Choosing a good store location is an important part of opening a clothing store. Generally, the store can be located in a local commercial street, pedestrian street, or shopping mall that is relatively prosperous and consumes more money. It has convenient transportation, easy parking, and a better environment.

Market Research

It is very important to open a clothing store and do a good job in market research. It mainly investigates the sales of similar clothing and the trend of consumers and analyzes the reasons for the sales of similar clothing stores (products, prices, store management, etc.). Well!

Budget & Cost Calculation

The cost must be calculated. The purpose of opening a store is to make money. If it is not calculated well, it may end up in vain. Shop rent, utility bills, purchase costs, freight, taxes, business management fees, etc. must be calculated.

Customer Research

To open a clothing store, you must first determine the style and target consumers, namely: students, ordinary workers, white-collar workers, family women, high-level nobles, etc. This is very important.

Inventory Organization 

What kind of goods will consumers like? The previous market research can help you. For novices, the way to reduce stress is to "imitate". You can imitate local shops with similar styles that sell better, and then through sales Analyze and improve similar styles that are not good. Maybe your sales can be better than him. Don't look at the goods from a personal perspective. If you like it, it doesn't mean that the public likes it.

Decoration of clothing store

The clothing store design is the key to giving customers the first impression, which directly affects the rate of consumers entering the store, so we must do a good job in clothing store decoration. When decorating, it must conform to the public's aesthetics, not to be unconventional, and of course, it must have its own characteristics. In the choice of hue, it is necessary to choose a milder hue, with warm tones as the mainstay, and cool tones as a supplement. The combination of cold and warm is the best match.

Promotion & Advertising

Publicity and promotion work is indispensable. Before and after the opening, we must pay attention to the publicity and promotion work of the clothing store. You can use a variety of publicity channels, such as publishing publicity information on the Internet and distributing leaflets. Also do some promotional activities appropriately, such as holiday promotions. The combination of publicity and promotional activities will surely bring more customers to the clothing store, and the business of the clothing store will also be store display

Tips on Running a Clothing Retail Business

Now that you have decided to run a clothing store, you should choose men's clothing or women's clothing. You have to be very clear in your mind. Don't go to the clothing wholesale market, look at everything, and want to do everything. You must have a clear idea. If you have a large store, you can make men's or women's clothing. Don't forget what you are doing when you are in the market and don't let other things affect your thinking.

The mode of operation should be flexible

Eye-catching models or the most fashionable clothing should be placed at the door of the clothing store to reflect the new clothing styles and the suitable women. You might as well put a "No Men" sign at the entrance of the store. Of course, the purpose of this is not to keep men out, but to make the clothing store more distinctive. This is just an example, it is not necessary to do this, this is to highlight your store's uniqueness.

Find Your Potential Customer Group

Once you have chosen your clothing, you have to position your clothing as a brand, student clothing, or middle-aged and elderly clothing. Conduct market research on the clothing you want to buy. Take a notebook and remember who wholesales what kind of clothing, what kind of price, who does it well, who buys the goods, and whose business is prosperous. You can ask for a business card to indicate that you must bear in mind that this is your wealth. In addition, observe what kind of goods are purchased by the people who purchase goods and where to sell them. If you find that this person always buys goods, it means that he is selling well. You must follow him, go to his store to secretly investigate and watch him.

Pay attention to market changes

Make full use of product discounts to find cheap sources. For novices, don’t put too much emphasis on gross profit. Just start, don’t be greedy to make too much. You can try to attract buyers with high-quality and cheap bargains first so that you can make good service on these small products and win The trust of customers, when your shop grows bigger and bigger, you don’t have to worry about returning customers to join in.

Learn to listen and analyze

Whether it is in the same industry or in a different industry, whether it is your employees or your own family members, you will always give you some of his thoughts, opinions, and opinions. Sometimes these opinions are not entirely correct or misleading. You have to wait for others' opinions, learn to listen, and analyze.

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It is not easy to run a small business, not to say a clothing retail shop. However, as long as you spend time and effort, you will always get rewarded by life. We should always keep a positive attitude toward our work and daily life.  Spend the smallest money and get the biggest feedback is the best deal.  life never treats us like in our dreamed style. Only we keep focus on providing high-quality products, top-level service, can we survive in such a fierce economy competition.