Whether you are retailers or small business vendors, you must have noticed that the mall kiosk business is growing rapidly in recent years. Compared to storefront, mall kiosk has a lower rent cost and lower investment risk, perfect for new starters. What's more, it is more flexible than retail shops; you can move to any good customer traffic locations.

Retail Kiosks and carts are the typical indoor kiosk ideas. But It always seems like all of the excellent mall kiosk ideas or promising easy start small business ideas have already been taken. They are not. None of the business that has occupied the full market has individuals who do it better than you. Therefore, it's never too late to start a mall kiosk business.

The Top Profitable Mall Kiosk Ideas to go

If you are ready to start a small mall kiosk business, here below are the 20 most profitable mall kiosk ideas perfect for you.

Coffee Bar

As the most traditional and classic beverage drink, Coffee is famous for a long time ago. There are a tremendous amount of coffee lovers all over the world. Start a coffee kiosk in a mall is considered a safe and profitable small business idea. What's more, you can get a manageable coffee brand franchise when your success in one location.

Jewelry Retail & Repair

Start a jewelry kiosk in the mall for the diamond, gold, jade, or silvery products is also a smart idea. Most people will buy such jewelry as gifts on an anniversary or birthday for their lovers or family. Jewelry repair is also a good idea to try. But a better picture is to combine retail and repair in one kiosk.

jewelry kiosk design ideas

Bubble Tea

In recent years, bubble tea,milkshake and milk tea kiosk are quietly spread in every street and shopping mall. With just simple cups of milk tea or juice tea, you can win lots of faithful customers and great profit margin.

Fruit Juice

Similar to the bubble tea kiosk in mall, the Fruit juice bar is also a newly popular kiosk idea. Many people stick to fresh fruit and better taste. You can also sell fresh fruit juice together with milk tea or other beverage drinks.

Ice Cream

Ice cream has an excellent market and generous profit, not only because of the low production cost but also of the extensive age range of customer groups. Children or aged people are all fascinated with delicious ice creams. Therefore, start an ice cream kiosk in mall or outdoor ice-cream booth is a smart kiosk idea. Rolled ice cream is top-rated in the North American market now.

Frozen Yogurt

When talking about ice cream, you can also consider starting a frozen yogurt kiosk or store. Frozen yogurt is named healthy food, followed by many young people or who want to lose weight.

frozen yogurt kiosk in mall

Crepe & Waffle

If you want to start a food-related mall kiosk, you can also try crepe kiosk or egg waffle kiosks in mall. Crepes and waffles are easy to make and have delicious tastes that many people will stop buying. If you start a crepe kiosk in the mall, you will never need to worry about customer flow.


Start a candy kiosk in mall to sell sweet candies or pick & mix candy is another profitable kiosk idea. Not only children like sweets but also grown-ups. Or you can put packed chocolates within your candy kiosks.


Sweet corn is a very delicious food that many people like. Start a sweet corn kiosk for selling cup corns, a profitable mall kiosk idea. The good news is that many shopping malls still do not have such a stall; if you are the first there, you will make perfect money. Besides sweet corn, popcorn is another trend to go, but you'd better open such a kiosk in front of the cinema or places with good customer traffic.


Start a pizza kiosk in mall selling pizza and hot dogs is also a great idea to go. Usually, pizza and the hot dog will make people feel thirsty, so you can also combine a beverage showcase within your kiosk and selling juice or drinks.


Or you can start a sushi kiosk by providing prepacked sushi. Many sushi kiosks will offer a place for the customer to sit and eat. Many people would like to rest and enjoy the yummy food when touring around shopping malls.


Perfumes are daily consumed products that almost everyone will own some bottles. Start a perfume kiosk in the mall for essence retail is a smarts idea. You can retail prepacked perfume or perfume with a dispenser rack to enlarge your profit.

Cell Phone Repair & Accessories

Open a retail kiosk in mall for cell phone accessories retail is also a good option. After all, everyone in the world now owns one or more smartphones. Commodities like phone covers, phone charges, data lines, or earphones are very easy to sell. You can also combine your retail kiosk with a cell phone repair function to change a battery or fix the broken screen.


The easiest and most popular mall kiosk idea should be clothing retail; all types of garments can retail within a clothing kiosk. Such as T-shirts, suits, long dress, even bra, and underwear has a good market. Of which T-shirt printing are very popular in many shopping centers.


Shoe retail is another retail kiosk idea. You can sell child shoes, slippers, high heels, or leather men's shoes in a shoe kiosk. As long as you have excellent product suppliers, you will always lead the retail markets. Starting a shoeshine or shoe clean kiosk is also a smart idea worth trying.


Every female will have lots of cosmetics, from skincare products to makeups. Starting a retail unit in the mall to sell cosmetics-related commodities will have very generous profit revenue and a considerable market range. You can also serve body care on-site with a semi-private kiosk design.

VR Kiosk

VR and AR are newly emerged entertainment ideas. Especially with the development of 5G, AR games experience will significantly increase and trend to a mature market, So, starting VR booth in mall is also a smart choice.

Eyebrow Threading

Open a salon service kiosk in mall for eyebrow threading is considered an easy start and profitable mall small business idea. You can serve eyebrow threading, eyebrow tinting, eyelash extension, lash lifting, or henna tattoo within a brow bar. Eyebrow threading kiosk businesses are easy to start, and franchise to grow big, perfect for people who have ambitions to have a big go.

eyebrow threading kiosk in mall

Nail Manicure

One more service kiosk idea is to start a salon kiosk for nail manicure express, Like LAKA in the USA. You can offer a short nail manicure service or pedicure within a nail bar kiosk.

Teeth Whitening

Many people are started to take an eye on teeth health. Start a teeth whitening kiosk or teeth care kiosk in mall will be another profitable kiosk idea. Usually, a teeth whitening booth should have a semi-private place or sections for individual customers.

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