If you want to start a profitable kiosk business in a shopping mall if you are looking for the latest mall kiosk business ideas. Start a shoeshine kiosk in the mall is a smart choice. here we have a wonderful shoeshine kiosk concept for you. This shoe care kiosk is divided into 4 sections to give a better service. Two of the standard fast shoeshine service and one VIP room is special for the higher-level customer. There's also a shoe repair room with a display showcase to present the best models.

Great Shoe Kiosk Design For Shoe Shine & Shoe Care

  • The dimension of this kiosk in the design is 10*20ft. But Our designer can adapt the same design concept into your own lease size.
  • Green Carpet stands for Football yard whole the stripes are a symbol of basketball.
  • Solid wood timber formed an Interesting Logo Shape "MGK"
  • Glass Show with locks and LED lights to give more visible from all angles.
  • Four sides entrance to accept customers from every corner.
  • Large vertical advertising players integrated inside the kiosk to display products and service information.