The development of the Internet has also allowed the e-commerce industry to advance by leaps and bounds. Many people first think of e-commerce platforms when starting a business, such as opening a Amazon store, a Ebay store, or a online shop business.

The low cost of the e-commerce industry has made many gold prospectors dream of getting rich. Still, the first batch of entrepreneurs who enjoyed the rights of e-commerce has now gradually transformed into the real economy.

The advantages of traditional stores.

What is certain is that no matter how online it develops, it cannot replace the traditional industry. For you who are on the road to start a business, I still suggest creating offline stores as the foundation, with the online part as the supplement.

01 / Guaranteed corporate image

Canada people prefer the "visible and tangible" shopping model. Even if they watch live shopping, they will worry that the goods they receive are not as expected. Only offline stores can genuinely meet the needs of customers.

Corporate brands that can indeed survive for a long time rely on the quality services of offline traditional stores and the long-term establishment of mutual trust with customers to survive. Even though it's very convenient to take out, the primary source of customers for catering shops still relies on dine-in.

From a long-term perspective, e-commerce can only serve as an auxiliary and supplement to traditional stores.


2 / Less competitive pressure

Due to the advent of the 5G era and the epidemic, online stores have become more active, which has also made the industry approaching saturation, competition has become more brutal, and the pressure on operators has increased. E-commerce is not as easy as it used to be.

While the consumption coverage of traditional stores can only reach a few blocks around at most, your competitor may only have another similar store half a kilometre away. Unless that store does clearance processing activities, the daily passenger flow of the two companies must be identical. At this time, what needs to keep customers is the overall strength of the store, such as service attitude, after-sales protection, store environment and so on.

Is the real economy in 2020 not optimistic?

With the gradual improvement of the epidemic situation, various regions have also begun multiple activities to encourage consumption, such as issuing consumer vouchers, launching shopping festival activities, and so on. A new wave of consumption frenzy has already started. How can a store that was at a loss in the past few months grasp the opportunity to make money?

1 / Borrow the marketing model of new retail

The customer source of traditional traditional stores is mainly because customers have particular needs, and then find your store and enter the store to shop. And now you can take advantage of the Internet to let customers see your store first, furnish with modern stylish store fixtures,and then arouse shopping desires for consumption. For example, you can publish group purchase coupons or coupons on websites such as Dianping, add each customer's WeChat, publish activities in Moments, and interact with customers in daily life.

2 / Get rid of tradition and innovate

Since it is entrepreneurship, it is necessary to create a new business and succeed in doing something different from others, that is, innovation.

When it comes to innovation, the pressure shouldn't be too great. It just needs to be different in one direction, such as a brand-new product, a brand-new set of services or experiences, and a brand-new marketing method.

Starting from scratch, you need to rely on innovation to beat your wealthy competitors. Only by identifying industry projects with promising development prospects in the new era can they survive the big waves of 2020.

Innovation may not be successful, but not creation must die.

retail racks

3 / Upgrade store design

Have you noticed that even if an Internet celebrity shop closed for a long time due to the epidemic, it was still crowded when it opened, and the plague did not affect the mood of customers "checking in".

The current mainstream business model is offline traditional stores + online celebrity promotion, and the promotion of online celebrities is more focused on store environment and product introduction. Therefore, in the traditional store operation in 2020, the store environment becomes more and more critical.

For example, the most popular INS style online red shop decoration style now uses white + blue, green + white, purple, pink and other colours that young people love nowadays. In the design of retail supermarket shelves, the use of scattered shelves or round shelves to display goods in all directions makes the overall atmosphere of the store more lively. These are essential elements in the design of traditional stores in 2020.

As a display prop supplier focusing on brand store services, Fashion Shelves can provide you with storage services such as storage space design, prop design, distribution logistics, installation and maintenance.

Twenty years of shelf sales experience enables us to more accurately grasp the needs of consumers and create an excellent store environment effect for you in a short time.


The road to entrepreneurship in 2020

Due to an epidemic, many small and medium-sized enterprises went bankrupt, unable to pay wages or borrow money, and the market was wailing in early 2020. But every crisis is an opportunity. How to upgrade and transform, how to seize the opportunity, is what entrepreneurs need to consider in 2020.

If you want to learn more about entrepreneurship, retail store design, mall kiosk ideas, or shelf display skills, come and follow me!