When we go to shopping malls, we sometimes find a unique stand for displaying goods. And This is the shopping mall kiosks or so-called mall carts. It has a beautiful appearance and advertising effect, which can help the shopping mall display the goods better. The design of mall kiosks in shopping malls should follow customers' principles as the core and consider factors such as region and aesthetic feeling. To make a good mall kiosk projects in a shopping mall, you needs to go through six steps: measurement, sample making, market survey, processing, inspection, and transportation. Here tell you how to design and make a wonderful mall retail kiosk business.

What is a shopping mall kiosk?

Mall kiosk, also known as retail stands in the mall, is a props display or pop-up structure that used to sell commodities or offer services. It is mainly used in shopping malls, supermarkets, and other large trading stores to display or store goods. It has a beautiful, attractive appearance, firm structure, free assembly, quick disassembly, and convenient transportation. The exquisite mall kiosk not only has gorgeous style, noble and elegant, and excellent decorative effect, but also has an advertising effect, to achieve better profit purpose.

Alongside retail kiosks in mall, there are many other types of mall stall businesses are popular. You can also start a food court in mall or food kiosk shop for crepe or pizza. Starting a coffee kiosk, juice bar or bubble tea kiosk in mall is also a smart business ideas. If you are not intertest in food or beverage business, nail express, eyebrow threading kiosk or teeth whitening kiosk will be perfect for you. Some people even open a spa kiosk or massage in shopping centers. 

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Mall kiosk Design

The design of mall kiosks mainly aims to make 3D illustration design of mall kiosks in shopping malls. The primary purpose is to make the effective display of products more reasonable and have a more remarkable display effect.

There are several principles in the mall kiosk design:

  • The designer and the operator should stand at the same angle and establish the design consciousness and concept with customers as the core.
  • Although the customer is subjective, the mall kiosk and the commodity are the objective. They should integrate together with mall kiosk design.
  • It is necessary to clarify the carrier of the mall kiosk's design, whether the commodity is a soft commodity or a hard commodity.
  • To understand that the shopping mall is a big garden and let customers stop and watch, the designer should design a step-by-step idea.
  • On the premise of ensuring the quality, mall kiosks' design and production should also provide a reasonable cost performance economy.

Factors to be considered in the design of the mall kiosk:

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Regional factors

The regional factors must be considered in the mall kiosk's design process, which mainly refers to the shape and size of the mall kiosk and how to arrange the position between the various parts. In the mall kiosk's design process, we should consider that these characteristics' initial perception is the primary factor. The regional factors also include the fit between the mall kiosk and the display position, the coordination between the mall kiosk's color, and the underwear series products, placement position, lighting.
The concept of color can help make the collocation of various colors. More harmonious and focus on product positioning to ensure that users' visual sense is solemn? Modern? Fashion? New generation? It is more important to coordinate and match the mall kiosk's design color based on another positioning. The specific embodiment is that the coordination between the product and the mall kiosk should give people a logical feeling, rather than a large gap between them. As a result, it will be difficult for consumers to remember your products in the various store information deeply.

Aesthetic factors

Aesthetic factors mainly reflect the relative position of the mall kiosk itself and the balance and stability between the mall kiosk and the display place. If the strength and balance are excellent, we can better convey the brand's meaning to consumers. The overall sense is various, such as relaxed and pleasant or elegant and solemn.

In the design process, we should pay attention to the above two factors. At the same time, we should also pay attention to the store's coordination, brand, product, and users. We should better design the mall kiosk from the point, line, and surface, and produce the creative mall kiosk with the innovation-driven mechanism to make the brands stand out in the store.
After solving these relatively tricky problems, the mall kiosk design should also be perfect in detail. We still need to focus on more complex parts, such as solving the mall kiosk's practicability, making it easy for brand promotion personnel to operate. And, more importantly, making it easy for consumers to see and obtain product information. For example, to solve the mall retail kiosk's environmental protection problem, the mall kiosk as a store directly contacts with many people, and its environmental protection must be Well done; for example, the display of goods here to make another critical point.

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Furnishing factors

The brand is the object of retail kiosk and sales. These goods are integrated into the store's atmosphere and play an indispensable role in the store. The layout of the commodity display reflects a kind of static information in the store. It changes into dynamic visual information to a great extent, which affects the consumer's consumption behavior. Therefore, the mall kiosk design should interact with the display of the product. The integration makes the mall kiosk and product display reveals the marketing smell of the product. Therefore, the successful product display and mall kiosk itself is also a "static salesman."

How to make mall kiosks in shopping malls

There are many materials for the mall kiosk, such as wood, aluminum alloy, density board paint, stainless steel, glass. When making the mall kiosk, you can choose according to the actual situation. The production of the mall kiosk has the following steps:


We need to detail the calculation of mall kiosks, display stands , display showcases, and classification, preparation of drawings. The on-site display arrangement and construction schedule, determine the specific time and quantity of each batch of various mall kiosks, exhibition equipment, and layout, and draw up the production and processing sequence. Suppose there is an order cycle for processing raw materials. In that case, the time margin should reserve, and reasonable ordering and order should make to ensure the mobilization according to the plan.

Making a model

The display case's confirmation system, retail kiosk stands, and layout template shall formulate to confirm the mall kiosk, exhibition equipment, and layout template. The mall kiosk, exhibition equipment, and layout template meet the design requirements and meet the exhibition arrangement requirements and safety requirements. After being determined by the supervision unit and the construction unit, the quality inspection shall carry out according to the new system. Batch processing and production can carry out after the examination is qualified.

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Market Research

Reasonably control the cost. We should strive for high quality and low price, conduct price evaluation for the kiosk. And choose the qualified, high reputation, comprehensive muscular strength of the mall kiosk, retail counter manufacturers and suppliers. Don't forget the sign production and processing contracts, so as to lay a solid foundation for ensuring the quality and arrival time.

Manufacturing and processing

Follow up the confirmed design and processing manufacturing of mall kiosks. And arrange special personnel to dynamically manage the ordering and processing of mall kiosks, exhibition equipment, and layout, and grasp the real-time status of such mall kiosks, exhibition equipment, and structure at any time.

Inspection work

Do an excellent job in processing, expediting, processing inspecting, and finished packaging products. If there are unqualified products, they should strictly reject. The number of unable products should record in time, and the emergency processing plan should ensure that the on-site kiosk construction needs can meet.


Formulate the transportation plan of mall kiosks and display stands equipment and layout. And ensure the transportation safety of retail cabinets, display showcase, and store fixture. Do well in the safety work of arrival inspection and unloading, and prevent unqualified Exhibition cabinets, exhibition equipment, and layout from entering the site.