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The main function of the display cabinet is to show the products in the best way. It also highlights the advantages of the products in order to capture the eyes of consumers, and let consumers have the desire to buy the products, and then come to consume. Except for that advantage, a good display cabinet also plays an important role in the unity and promotion of the brand image of the enterprise, Typically, the display cases is a display that any brand product sales carrier. It must not only to establish a brand image but also make a good brand so that consumers can leave a good sense of the enterprise brand.  no matter big or small the enterprise sells, as long as you have a good mall kiosk design concept with proper display cases, you will always get lots of business.  Enterprises should tailor their own products to the display cabinet. So, in this case, how to do the display cases and what materials are often used? Ant display cabinet will give you a detailed introduction, which is a good introduction for beginners of mall kiosk design! ​

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As a professional display case manufacturer, Ant Display is necessary to let users be familiar with this knowledge. On the one hand, it is necessary to let customers understand the material price of display production, so as not to be confused. On the other hand, as a manufacturer, we are not only responsible for customers, but also to standardize the development of the display industry. The era of profiteering has passed. We need long-term and stable cooperation and development display.


the wood material is the first priority material that is widely used and commonly seen, has the advantage of great structural adjustment. It has very good adjustability, can make all kinds of shapes and effects, the price is relatively cheap and easy to obtain, but there are also some disadvantages. The disadvantage is that the data is relatively heavy. No matter before or after making the display cabinet, it is not light and suitable for moving out of the display cabinet. The utility model has the advantages of deformation resistance, high strength, good wear resistance, and high hardness. Specification: 1220mm * 2440mm in general; 15mm, 18mm, 25mm in thickness, etc. Typically, we will have plywood, solid wood timber, woodblocks, MDF(medium-density fiberboard) and other wood material to fabricate a display case.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass has the advantage of low prices. When we go to a shopping mall, basically all the display cabinets are equipped with glass. On the one hand, glass allows people to see through, so can use to display products. On the other hand, the glass itself is relatively cheap company to other transparent materials. Therefore. the final effect of the display cabinet made of glass is better, with a certain transparency effect. Glass display cases can give people a sense of larger space, and enable consumers to clearly understand the products of the enterprise. The important role of the display cabinet is that the special cabinet can be eliminated Consumers have direct visual communication. But it is also bulky and easy to break like wood. You must be careful during the transportation of the display cabinet. Specification: generally calculated by square; thickness, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, etc


The acrylic materials which many people may not have heard of, but it's already widely used in ornaments. There are many acrylic ornaments on the market, which look crystal clear, high-end, The disadvantage of acrylic is relatively easy to break, and the price is relatively expensive. But relative to his effect, the price is acceptable. After all, every cent of goods has its value. It has certain durability, but the disadvantage is that the data is heavy, fragile, and expensive. Therefore, when making display cabinets, we need to design materials with strong deformation resistance in terms of distortion or shrinkage. Specification: 1250mm * 2550mm in general; thickness 0.8mm -30mm, etc


Most of the display cabinets contain a metal structure, which is essential and necessary. Of course, there are also some stainless steel materials used to affect the effect. They are not easily rusty. After polishing, they can achieve a high brightness effect. It feels very good on the surface and visual effect. But designers should design it properly. The disadvantage is that structural analogy is difficult to make an abstract graphic effect, and not strong. It is easier to dye the finger mold and need to clean it frequently. It is difficult to achieve multiple organic or curved visual effects too. Specification: generally 1000mm * 2000mm and 1250mm * 2550mm; thickness 0.6mm -3mm, etc


the advantages of sheet metal are low price and light data. The disadvantage is that the structure changes little. If the whole mall kiosk production materials are made of iron sheet materials, there is no taste of design. Compared with the weather resistance of external climate, ammonia and sulfuric acid with strong acidity are prominent.

These are the commonly used materials. Of course, there are some other materials. I won't talk about them here. Later, about the selection of materials in the production process, some people think that the more expensive it is, the better it is. In fact, it's not like this. The right one is good, just like you can't sell the release shoes in the jewelry display cabinet. It's good to highlight the production of products, show the superior performance of products, and make consumers interested.