laka kiosk design

Are you looking for a wonderful nail kiosk design? If you are planning to opening a nail manicure kiosk or pedicure business in a shopping mall and looking for nail kiosk manufacturer or kiosk concept, This blow LAKA kiosk deisgn will give you the best inspiration. 

Wide Dimensions are available

  • 10*10ft with 2 manicure table.
  • 10*12ft with 3 manicure table.
  • 12*12ft with 3 manicure table.
  • 10*15ft with 2 manicure table and 1 pedicure space.
  • 12*15ft with 3 manicure table and 1 pedicure space.

Advantages of this LAKA Nail Bar

  • Attractive out shape 
  • Functional interior layout arrangement.
  • User-friendly for both staff and customers.
  • Easy to manufacture with common materials to lower the cost.
  • Fast Knockdown and reassemble.

if you are looking for a low cost but functional nail kiosk with a functional manicure table, this concept definitely suits you. Contact our team for the latest price to build such a kiosk.