With the progress of society, barbershops have also increased. Because everyone wants to have a good hairstyle, only a good hairstyle will make their advantages more prominent. Hairstyles are also customized according to customer needs. Different face shapes have different hairstyles.

5 Easy Steps to Open a Barber Shop Business

There are many factors that need to be paid attention to when opening a barbershop. If we want to have a more unique barbershop, then we need to pay attention to the overall design of the barbershop. Besides the decoration, we also need to pay more attention to other steps.

learn the basic techniques of hairdressing

Hairdressing technology can be said to be the success or failure of a hairdressing shop. A good hairdressing shop requires good hair-cutting skills. A good hairstyle can win the trust of customers.

As the owner or manager of a hairdressing shop, you don’t have to be technical, but you have to know how to manage. You also need to know how to employ people, and how to make the hairdressing shop regular, systematized, professional, standardized, and digital. Only in this way, your hair salon will grow steadily.

learn the following knowledge systematically

Site selection and decoration

The location of hairdressing salons must comply with the following principles: places where young people gather, areas with a high frequency of commercial activities, areas with high population density, streets with heavy traffic, areas with convenient transportation, and neighborhoods where similar shops gather; store decoration should be distinguished for a reception for areas and hairdressing areas, please refer to the following modes:

shop reception counter design

  1. If the consumer group is an ordinary office worker, choose a light and cheerful bright yellow as the main decoration color. Walls, sofas, etc. use a large area of yellow, and the details are also echoed in yellow. Use floor-to-ceiling glass to increase the sense of expansion of the store. All the tools in the shop are neatly arranged, and there are special storage boxes and racks to make people look bright and tidy. Because young people need time to relax their anxiety.
  2. If the consumer group is young, they don't like the same decoration, and they agree with the style of IN. A personalized route can be used. The facade, floor, wall, and ceiling are recommended to be made of naked cement without any modification. In order to slightly alleviate this black depression, the lighting, the color of the front desk and the stool are all red. The contrast and impact of black and red form a super cool style.

Staff recruitment, talent training, team building

Personnel recruitment can refer to the following methods: first, post an advertisement on the storefront; secondly, introduce acquaintances; thirdly, recruit through the Internet and on-site; fourthly, go to other stores to dig.

Recruitment of hair salon staff is generally not a problem. The key is team building. This is to test the personal charm of the store manager. It is easy to find people and it is difficult to retain people. Regarding salary and treatment, etc., experience and conclusions can only be drawn in further practice;

Store management

make daily store planning, monthly quarterly plans, training well, insist on having morning meetings, on-site simulation of basic skills of invitations, training on-site services, doing a good job summary every night, and holding a staff meeting once a week. Regular training on technology, sales, operation, and safety. Do cost accounting, warehouse management, material management, monthly expenditure budget, etc.

Customer source development

There are two main reasons why customers come to your hairdressing shop, one is that they need it, and the other is that they like it. Hairdressing shops have the following ways to develop customers:

  • Distribute leaflets;
  • Advertise from time to time;
  • Organize various activities with targeted consumer participation;
  • Use business circle strategy: each hairdresser’s business has its own business area and target customer group, so the promotion should also focus on these customers;
  • Do a good job of repeat customers, in addition to retaining repeat customers, but also let old customers introduce new customers.

learn high-end hairdressing technology

Improve professional skills and the quality of hair salons. Nowadays, many famous hairdressing shops require professional hairstylists. Not every stylist has enough time and money to learn the VS skills. Therefore, it is recommended that new entrants in the hairdressing industry study more video teaching materials. This kind of teaching material costs less and is exactly the same as what you learned in school. Therefore, we need to learn the theory and practice carefully, so that the hairdressing shop can enter the ranks of quality shops.

Strengthen sales capabilities, expand marketing scope, and open branches

When your hair salon has completed the above three steps, the next step is to think about how to make money quickly. Quickly withdraw funds to prepare for the opening of a branch, and at the same time know how to increase brand awareness in a simple, fast, and low-cost way. Therefore, the method of online e-commerce must be used.

barber shop design

Barbershop Interior decoration

The decoration of a barbershop is very important, and a good barbershop can be remembered by customers. Then we also need to have a good design before decoration. Only good design can see the overall effect.

Style of the shop decoration

First of all, We need to decide on the style of shop decoration. There are many popular decoration styles, such as Japanese style, classical style, modern style, European style, Thai style, etc. The determination of style can form a certain difference from the peers, we need to add our own characteristics. Moreover, the shop style will match the hairstyle, so as to attract more consumers.

The color of the barbershop

The color of the decoration of the barbershop is also very important. Different colors will give people a different feeling. Green represents the spring; Red represents the summer; Yellow and Golden represent the Autumn; White represents the winter. To allow customers to sit down without emotional fluctuations, to make customers feel relaxed, comfortable, and warm, with a sense of trust and security, then the colors in the store must be light and light colors. The colors of our design are mainly gold and white.

Regional arrangement of barbershop

The operation area of the barbershop generally takes part in three-quarters or two-thirds of the entire storage area. In the decoration of the barbershop, an operating area is a place that directly serves customers. It is required to be bright, clean, and comfortable, and the convenience and smooth flow of customers should also be considered. The mirror should be bright but not dazzling, the chair and bed should be beautiful, the shape should be unique, and the color tone should be uniform.

reception area design

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 Nowadays, there are a lot of barbershops that decorate more beautiful and will attract many people to visit the shop. Because of the high utilization rate of the restroom in barbershop decoration, the decoration is also particularly important. It is more reasonable that the light in the restroom needs to be brighter. In the decoration of the barbershop, we also need to pay attention to the layout of the display cabinet. Besides the display showcase, we also need to pay more attention to the whole shop atmosphere, the reasonable arrangement of customer seats, etc.