Many people believe hair cutting and hair dressing is a easy start and profitable business, especially for new starters. However, you still see that many hair salon closed, why is that? Only know the right knowledge and right strageage can you make money in the hair salon. here I m going to share you the easiest guide of running a successful hair salon business. 

Three essential points

There are three essential points for new starters to open a barbershop.

  • 1. Go to the Industry and Commerce Bureau to register.
  • 2. To screen employees, it's better to invite an experienced supervisor and grasp the quality control simultaneously.
  • 3. It's necessary to do business, engage in all kinds of activities, and make every customer happy. Then come to your success.

How to run a good barbershop? There are four steps for a person from the beginning of a hairdressing shop to its development and expansion.

hairdressing salon

learn the basic skills 

You must master the following skills:

  • 1. Round haircut: the customer's head is the center of the circle, the length of the haircut is the radius, and the haircut is based on a standard angle.
  • 2. Square haircut: it is divided into side square haircut, back square haircut, and front square haircut;
  • 3. Triangle concentrated haircut: different concentrated haircut methods can produce different line effects and form different hairstyles;
  • 4. Positioning haircut: a line, a point, or a face is established outside the head, and all or part of the hair is concentrated on the point or face of the line for trimming, to produce different hairstyle contours and different levels;
  • 5. Shifting haircut: by establishing a plane outside the head, the left and right sides of the hair are horizontally lifted and trimmed at different angles, and the "V" or "a" shape layers appear at the edge of the hairstyle, and various lifting angles will produce various sizes of V and a;
  • 6. Corner haircut: through various lifting, angles to trim, every 45-degree angle to lift the angle to achieve a different hierarchical structure in the same hairstyle. We call it mixed type broken hair. It can make the split part of the hairtail completely cut off. It is in the same level of cutting, but different areas and lifting angles are different;
  • 7. Location fixing method: we can divide location fixing into the upper location (weight area), middle location (level area), and lower location (line area). The current hairstyle concept is that the level does not affect the weight of the hairstyle

Hair Salon Management

As a hairdresser's boss or manager, you can't know the technology, but you need to know how to manage, how to employ people, and how to regularize, systematize, professionalize, standardize and digitize the hairdresser so that your hairdresser can grow steadily.

barber shop design

To this end, you must systematically learn the following knowledge:

1. Site selection and decoration

Hairdressing shop site selection must comply with the following principles: young people gathered area, high frequency of commercial activities, high population density areas, passenger flow streets, convenient transportation areas, similar shops gathered blocks; And, the barber shop design and decoration has to be able todistinguish the reception area and barber area, youcan refer to the following easy model: 

  • (1) if the consumer group is ordinary office workers, then Choose light and cheery bright yellow as the primary color of decoration, walls, sofas, etc. use a large yellow area. The details also use yellow to echo. Floor glass is used to increase the sense of expansion of the store. All the tools in the shop are put in order, and there are special boxes and shelves to make people look bright and tidy. 
  • (2) If the consumer group is young, they don't like the same decoration, they agree with the style. A personalized route can be adopted. The facade, floor, wall, and ceiling are made of bare cement without any decoration. To slightly alleviate the black depression, the lighting, the color of the front desk hairdresser, and the stool are all red—the contrast and impact of black and red form a super cool style.
  • (3) When choosing a hair salon front desk or styling stations, we should make it a harmony with the whole design, if you are using a industrial look background , metal , stone or solid wood reception desk would be perfect and dark color marble top styling station will fit, However, if you are chasing a modern look or contemporary salon, you can use white color or red reception desk to lower the space atmosphere. 

2. Staff recruitment

Personnel training, team building: staff recruitment can refer to the following methods: first, advertising in the store; second, acquaintances; third, through the network, on-site recruitment; fourth, go to other stores to dig people. Hair salon recruitment is generally not a problem, and the key is to build a team, this is to test the personal charm of the store manager, it is easy to find people, it isn't easy to retain people, about salary and treatment, only in further practice can we get experience and conclusion;

3. Store management

Daily store planning, monthly and quarterly plan, good training, adhering to the morning meeting, on-site simulation invitation basic skills, on-site training service, doing an excellent job in the work summary every night, and holding a staff meeting once a week. Regular training on technology, sales, operation, and safety. Do well in cost accounting, warehouse management, material management, monthly expenditure budget, etc.


4. Customer development

There are two main reasons why customers come to your salon. One is that they need it, the other is that they like it. There are the following ways for hair salons to develop customers: 

  • (1) distributing leaflets; 
  • (2) advertising irregularly; 
  • (3) holding various activities with the participation of target consumers; 
  • (4) using business circle strategy: Every hair salon operator has its business circle and target customer group, so its promotion should also focus on this part of customers; 
  • (5) do an excellent job of repeat customers, retain repeat customers, and let old customers introduce new customers.

Learn high-end technology

Improve professional technology, improve the quality of hair salons. Nowadays, many famous hair salons require hairstylists to be professional. They require hairstylists to have studied Sassoon and even use Sassoon technology as a stepping stone.

However, it's only a few days to study Sassoon. It costs tens of thousands of yuan to eat, board, and tuition. Not every hairdresser has the time and money to study. Therefore, as like two peas, the first time, the hairdressing industry will learn more video materials will be more cost-effective than the ones you learned in school.

Great-Waves Hair Dressing Skills

Focus On Sale

Strengthens the saleability, expands the marketing scope, opens the branch store.

When your hair salon has completed the above three steps, the next step is to think about making a quick profit and collecting funds quickly to prepare for opening a branch. At the same time, you should know how to improve brand awareness in a simple, fast, and low-cost way. Therefore, it is necessary to use the method of network e-commerce. As follows, you must master two points:

  • 1. Hairdressing shop e-commerce operation: use the computer to expand the business scope of the hairdressing shop step by step, improve the popularity of the hairdressing shop through the network, so that the region does not limit your customers, and make more profits by using the network;
  • 2. Focus on sales.

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