The barbershop is our most common salon type shop. Small barbershops are also common. The main disadvantage of small hairdressers compared to large hairdressers is that they don't have much space. Fortunately, people's perception of the environment can be changed by the decoration of a small hairdressing shop. If you want a small hairdresser to look larger, you might as well make a lot of use of the diffusion effect of white on vision. But remember to keep it clean and tidy, otherwise, it will easily appear messy. Or use pure wood to decorate the entire shop.

How to Decorate the Shop?

The barbershop layout needs to be carried out according to the needs of customers. But there are some decoration designs that we must pay attention to. For example, we need to pay attention to the placement of the bar, the structure of the bar, and the style of the bar. In addition, pay attention to the decoration of the floor, ceiling, and work area. Only good decoration will leave a good impression on customers. Before the decoration, we need to have a good design. Design can show your needs more comprehensively.

bar counter

Bar Counter

The bar is the service center of the hairdressing shop, and all the activities after consumers enter the hairdressing shop start from the bar. The financial management of the hairdresser or beauty salon is also done through the bar counter. Our main purpose is to make the bar table practical enough to achieve various functions, but also beautiful. A good bar will make people feel better. In fact, the bar can also sell some drinks or snacks. This way customers will not be so embarrassed and bored while waiting.

Perm and Color Area

The hot dyeing area maximizes the color with a simple style to display a variety of colors and styles. We can design stainless steel and glass to highlight its beauty. The shape of the color bar in the hot dyeing area should be dominated by fashion, avant-garde, and strong colors. The shampoo area and flushing area should be designed with a clean and bright theme. The walls are decorated with spray-painted glass, allowing customers to feel a clean image of our store.

working area

Ceiling and Floor

The ceiling of the hairdressing shop can be based on the overall decoration needs. Choose a color and add a partial ceiling to reflect the lighting effects of the hairdresser or beauty salon and the cultural and artistic atmosphere of the hairdresser or beauty salon. When choosing materials for the floor of the hairdressing shop, it should meet actual needs. The design of a store like ours is mainly wood grain style. So the floor here is mainly wood grain. Generally speaking, wooden floors are suitable for special areas such as VIP areas. Floor tiles are usually used in hairdressing shops, which are high-grade environmentally friendly materials.

The uniform decoration style of a barbershop is also very important. A unified decoration style will not only make consumers feel that such a store is more professional, but it will also improve the store to a higher level. For example, we can make a traditional Chinese style, elegant European style, etc. It is best to distinguish our own and other people's styles. The main style of the store design I introduced today is log style. Gives a clean and comfortable feeling.

salon shop design

Ant Display

Ant-Display has more than ten years of industry experience, specifically tailoring what customers want. We will design a barbershop suitable for you according to your shop size and style want. Only if you have a good design will you have good decoration. This will attract the attention of customers.