Sushi is a traditional food from Japan. Because of its delicious taste and gorgeous shape, it is popular and loved by many people. This has also led to many people opening sushi restaurants.

So when you open a sushi restaurant, the design of a sushi restaurant is essential. Because the decoration of the shop and the placement of shop furniture is installed and placed according to the design.

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Next, I will introduce this design to you in detail.

Project Name: Sushi Restaurant

Project Address: Dubai; We have done many cases and shipped to different countries like the USA, AUS, CA, the UK, and other European countries.

Project time: design time 10 days, production time 28-32 working days.

Involved: there are some restaurant fixtures like lightboxes, bar counters, cash registers, logos, tables and chairs, and wall display cabinets.

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The sushi restaurant originated in Japan and mainly consists of rice balls, seaweed, and sashimi. Sushi Restaurant is a restaurant that uses a variety of sushi to let customers know about this brand. In Dubai, this is a must-visit place for all sushi lovers, with amazing dishes served by professional and friendly staff. This brand mainly goes high-end, so our style is mainly dark. The main color composition is black, wood grain color.

shop design

Design features

In doing this project, to ensure the rationality of the space. Considering the color, the style of Japanese sushi shops is mostly solid wood. Therefore, in terms of materials, we mostly choose solid wood, and then we will use hardware, acrylic, etc. for decoration. This furniture also involves a combination of polishing, welding, painting, bonding, and other processes. Only in this way can the furniture be more beautiful. While ensuring the beauty, we also need to ensure the quality of these shop fixtures. Only a good texture can allow customers to better enjoy the leisure time.

Description of the Store

Bar Counter: The shape of this bar is mainly L shape, the front is used as a cash register, and then some equipment is placed. You can see that there is a board for customers to eat. The counter on the back is relatively short and can store items.

bar counter

Bar Table: Bar tables are often seen in food stores. For example, you can see bar tables in coffee shops, milk tea shops, juice shops, etc. In order to let people know our brand better, there is also a corresponding luminous logo on the front of the bar table so that the public can understand our brand better.

Wall Display Cabinet: Opposite the bar table is a wall display cabinet, which is generally used to display books, trophies, toys, and some decorations. Of course, regarding the size, we will also make it according to your needs.

Logo: The main logo of this shop is acrylic. The luminous type is hollow luminous. Of course, we also have other luminous types, such as neon luminous logo, 3d word luminous logo.

Production Process:We need to cut the wooden board and assemble these into the wooden cabinet, during this step, we will install the electric line. Then stick the laminate on the surface. The final step is to install the logo, light strip, sockets, cabinets, drawers, and baseboard.

layout of the store

Customer Reviews

They have professional designers. Although they encountered a lot of troubles throughout the project, we all worked together to solve them. I look forward to our next cooperation.

How can I do a new one?

We are a custom supplier and have a professional design team to make the new 3d shop design. You can tell us all of your needs, that we can display all of your needs on the 3d design. Then you will see the whole effect and will know how it will look. There are some designs as your reference, Click here