Setting up a food truck is a tempting idea as the concept attracts and fascinates! But riding the trend wave is not the only guarantee of success. It is essential to think through your project from A to Z to complete it successfully.

To help you prepare your project as calmly as possible, we have written several practical guides that should help you better understand the steps to take to set up a food truck.

Set up a food truck: an overview of the steps to take

As with any business creation or takeover, opening a food truck assumes that you ask yourself many questions and take different steps. Our articles guide you step by step through them.

First of all, we offer you an overview of all the steps necessary to open a food trailer. The goal is that you know, in general terms, what you have to do before actually starting your food truck: open a food truck: instructions for use.

Make a business plan before setting up your food truck.

Food trucks are experiencing a wave of success, yet entering this market is complicated, so unique it is.

For example, food trucks make a large part of their turnover at lunchtime. The impact of seasonality is also to be taken into account.

As you will have understood, making a business plan before you start is essential to make sure that the project will be financially viable and convince the banks to follow you in the adventure.

There are a few things you should consider in your food truck business plan that is mainly overlooked. This article is an opportunity to understand better the ins and outs of the food truck and food trailer business plan.

Once the article cited above has been studied, we suggest that you continue with the food truck business plan. Specially designed for future food truck owners, it will allow you to understand better what your business plan should look like once completed and serve as a guide during the development.

See also: our guide to understanding how to forecast the turnover of a food truck.

The choice of legal status and insurance to set up a food truck

Unlike a “traditional” catering business, the food truck is subject to specific regulations, which you need to know before starting.

The specifics of a travelling business raise certain questions and assume that you acquire specific knowledge of administrative and legal regulations. And this is what we offer you with the following two articles:

First of all, there is the question of legal status. Such a choice is already not obvious when opening a traditional restaurant, and it is even less so when deciding to set up a food truck. Therefore, this article aims to help you make the best choice according to the specificities of your project: how to choose the legal status of a food truck?

The mobile nature of the food truck, among other things, requires you to take out specific insurance policies. But we must not forget either the compulsory insurance for businesses offering food products and employing staff.

Your food truck logo and equipment

As the market is hugely competitive, you must stand out. But standing out and focusing your project around a particular concept presupposes that you choose adequate equipment, quality suppliers, and a logo highlighting your brand and know-how.

Setting up a food truck means facing space constraints. It also has to adapt the interior and the equipment of your mobile truck to your offer. And it also has to select suppliers to offer quality services. Here is an article to guide you in these choices, often tricky: the food truck equipment and the selection of suppliers.

We hope that these articles will help you enrich your food truck knowledge and gain the confidence you need to make your project a reality.