3*3 m Sushi kiosk fast food kiosk with glass display

3*3 m Sushi kiosk fast food kiosk with glass display

Modern Sushi Kiosk Mall Fast Food Booth Customized Snack Kiosk

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Sushi is a kind of Japanese cuisine Sushi can be eaten as a snack or a meal, and the ingredients can be raw, cooked, or pickled. Different ingredients, different sushi prices, the level of the gap is very large. In addition to being the favorite food of Japanese, sushi is also very popular outside Japan, and there are numerous sushi restaurants and packaged sushi around the world. There are many sushi booth and kiosk in the street and the mall.

The layout of the sushi kiosk

This modern style sushi size is 3*2m. The size can be customized. From the front the kiosk, there is one stand with the logo sign, sushi poster and the menu of different sushi and other food. People can see see the kiosk theme from far distant and know there is sushi sold here. In the front side, there is one cash register, and the staff can serve the customers, the next is the many cabinet showcases to display the sushi, you can put different kinds inside the showcases. Then people can choose the food. The luminous sushi font and the kiosk sign are on the front side. And there is the glass around the kiosk, which can protect the machines inside the kiosk. You can put the machines and tools on the countertop, and materials in the cabinets. There are 4 lights to shine the kiosk, which also as the decoration to make the kiosk more attractive.

How to make the design effectiive?

a: If you have a final design please provide us the design documents and we will exactly build your jewelry showcases.
b: If you don't have a final design, that is ok, just provide us the similar pictures you have and our designer make a scheme as your detail requests. 
c: If you don't have a final design neither similar pictures, don't worry, we will provide you some suggestion to choose and we are sure that we can provide you the best service. 


Welcome to talk with us about your ideas of the kiosk design.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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