cosmetic store furniture

Are you looking for luxury cosmetic store furniture and ready to start a business? Many people earn money by open a cosmetic shop. With the improvement of beauty, women go to the cosmetic shop to buy skincare products and makeup products regularly. They hope to keep charming looks and stay young. Today, I want to share a nice cosmetic shop design with you. It looks very luxurious and high-end.

For most cosmetic shops, it has wall display cabinets, a center counter showcase, cashier counter, experience table. We can also use metal material, colors, light, brand logo, posters to decorate the cosmetic shop in a better way. The customer’s first impression of the store is very important, we have to pay more attention to the cosmetic shop design and build good furniture.

cosmetic store design

Cosmetic store decoration 

A beautiful cosmetic store decoration high light the shop and also as a symbol of the cabinet. It can also let people related to high-end cosmetic products. Here are some ideas to make the cosmetic store look better.

Choose suitable color

As we can see in the new cosmetic kiosk design, the color is black with golden metal for decoration. Color is very important for a cosmetic store. As it catches the eyes’ attention at first glance. The most popular color to use matches the color of the cosmetic products, related to the brand logo color. When joining a brand, we can use the required color directly.

Use colorful light decoration

Spotlight and ceiling light work together to create a romantic and luxurious atmosphere. This cosmetic shop uses warm yellow light. It matches the golden metal frame well. Light lamp installs in the furniture so that each layer is bright enough and showcases products in a good way.

cosmetic display counter

Cosmetic store furniture design

Cosmetic display shelf

Cosmetic display shelf usually places against the back wall. It has multiple layers of the display shelf, top brand logo area, and bottom restore cabinets. We can even put up advertising posters here. Some cosmetic wall cabinets have glass doors in the front body. Which are good display products and can protect them from robbery.

Window display cabinet

The window display cabinet is a very important showcase area. Because people can see what inside from glass window when goes by. It’s a good idea to place attractive products here, when clients are interested in it, they will enter the shop and buy it. Usually, we set glass display cabinets, showcase tables, or shelves here.

Display table in the center

Display tables in the center usually for place cosmetic products or small samples for try on. It looks like a table in stairs display on the counter table. The bottom is the base table leg for support. We can also add drawers to put more products. Another center display cabinet is the makeup counter with the center display. We can place a mirror here to provide makeup services. There are also two display tables on both sides, people can sit down and consultant skincare issues.

cosmetic counter

Cashier counter

The inside room has a very luxurious cashier counter. It is in yellow color with golden laminate. It has different layers and a light lamp on the front side. Behind it is a keyboard drawer with space at the bottom. Next to being lock drawers at left hand for use. Brand logo with metal hollow frame decoration also set at the back wall.

Material information

Main material: Plywood

Surface material: Laminate, natural wood, artificial stone, etc.

Other materials: Light lamp, gold metal, stainless steel, tempered glass, acrylic, hardware, etc.


Whenever you are planning to open a cosmetic store. Make the store design and purchase beautiful furniture are the first step. If you have new decoration ideas, the designer can also add to the drawing and show exactly. And can also arrange display showcase, cabinet, brand logo, counters in the proper location. Please kindly send a kind inquiry to get your unique cosmetic shop design here.