As the old saying goes: food, clothing, housing and transportation, clothing is an essential part of people's lives! Therefore, the clothing industry has always been prosperous, and opening a clothing store is the first choice for novice entrepreneurs. The location of a successful clothing store is the key! How to choose a good address? What are the differences and requirements for site selection?

 High frequency of commercial activities

Generally speaking, due to the large flow of people and frequent commercial activities in commercial centres, downtown areas and other places, the turnover is bound to be higher. And This is the so-called "land of money". Frequent commercial activities will increase the number of clothing displays/activities in the store. 

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Generally speaking, as long as clothing styles are popular, the quality is high, and the price is reasonable, the customer will come into the store on its self-motivation. Therefore, areas with frequent commercial activities are important for the choice of clothing franchise stores. It is a rare and good location.

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Areas with high population density

Suppose the funds are not strong enough to occupy a place in a big shopping mall. In that case, you may wish to consider the vicinity of a relatively densely populated and densely populated residential area. With a large flow of people, more people will enter the store, and the purchase probability will also greatly increase. 

Due to population flow, people of all ages and social classes are available, making it easier to choose products. It is easier to cultivate customer loyalty near residential areas, and store sales are usually relatively stable.

Streets with heavy traffic

The same is true for streets with high passenger flow. With high passenger flow, there are relatively more customers patronizing the store, and the transaction volume will increase. However, the terrain and traffic must also take into consideration. For some traffic arteries with heavy traffic, and it is not a good choice for clothing stores. Therefore, when choosing a location for a new store, you might as well directly find a block with many stores selling similar products to attract high-quality customers.

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Convenient area

Generally speaking, convenient transportation equals large passenger flow. Except for traffic fortresses, such areas are easy to attract customers, such as subway entrances. The rents of such places are lower than that of shopping malls and street shops. If the economy is strong, For entrepreneurs who are a little bit inferior, choosing such a location is also very cost-effective.

Crowd gathering place

Whether a store can operate successfully has a great influence on the flow of people. Therefore, playhouses, movie theatres and other entertainment venues are good to address for women's clothing shops. Due to the effect of the surrounding facilities, the store will attract young people who are leisure and entertaining to hang out in the store. 

As long as the clothing styles in the store are trendy, there are many styles, and the fashion is distinctive, it will attract a large number of young customers who are catching up with the trend.

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Typically, the most important thing about physical store location is the flow of people! In the information age, the fragrance of wine is not afraid that the deep alleys are outdated. If you want a good store performance and a good geographical location, you will get twice the result with half the effort. Therefore, the address of the women's clothing franchise store must be in a convenient transportation area. 

On the one hand, consumers can better carry out Shopping and travel, on the other hand, also play a very important role in the inventory management of the store, so that the circulation of the overall products of the franchise store becomes very fast, and less stock and sufficient cash flow in the shortest time. The warehousing puts the store's inventory in very healthy circulation.

To run a good retail store business, a good location is only the first step, you also need beautiful store fixtures, retail displays, top quality products and professional services. Most importantly, keep a learning attitude and keep changing and improving

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