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Starting a small business is easy but success in a business is another word. Especially for a convenience store. Many new business starters thought that the convenience store is the easiest business to start, and it will bring generous revenue. As a matter of fact, Not everyone makes money on the convenience store business, only under the right management, the right strategy can you survive in such a high competition business model. Here before are 7 useful strategies that will help new beginners to guide the business on track. 

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Retail Store business is quite different from mall kiosk or outdoor retail business. You not only need organized store fixtures but also need Humanized management。

The Scientific Combination of Commodities Strategy

The business area of convenience stores is generally 50-150m2, so it is necessary to emphasize the effective use of resources. The commodity combination of convenience stores is the key to the success or failure of convenience stores. Improper commodity allocation will result in customers' lack of desired goods and too many unwanted commodities. Moreover, it will waste the shelf space of convenience stores and overstock funds, which will eventually lead to business failure.

According to the purchase orientation of the target consumer groups of convenience stores, it is emphasized that instant consumer goods (such as tobacco, drinks, ready to eat food), emergency consumer goods (such as drugs and health products), seasonal consumer goods (such as cold drinks), services (such as mobile phone recharging, rental rain) should be emphasized according to the purchase orientation of convenience store target consumer groups At the same time, it subdivides the target market according to the characteristics of the business district and subdivides the catalog according to the characteristics of the target consumer groups, such as campus type convenience stores and hospital type convenience stores.

Scientific Ordering Commodities Strategy 

The basic guarantee of good sales is that the shelf does not appear empty shelf and the display of goods is plump. Therefore, in the commodity order management of convenience stores, on the one hand, it emphasizes that the ordering work should be done by the store manager, especially to strengthen the inventory control of key categories of goods (such as tobacco, beverage, milk); On the other hand, according to the sales data of POS system, the scientific ordering of commodities is carried out. According to the historical sales data of commodities, combined with the analysis of sales trend, and considering the factors of goods in transit time, we should not only ensure that the goods are not out of stock, but also ensure the reasonable inventory of stores.

New product cultivation and promotion strategy

Young people are the main target consumer groups of convenience stores. In view of the fact that young people have more demand for new products, we should pay attention to the collection and analysis of new product information, and timely add new products suitable for the operation of convenience stores into the scope of the sales of convenience stores. And do a good job in the promotion of new products and special display work, create new sales highlights of convenience stores, and meet the needs of target consumer groups.

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Dislocation strategy of Price format

It is an important measure to improve the profitability of convenience stores to implement price strategies different from those of community stores and to increase the gross profit rate of commodities. At the same time, through the research and analysis, it is found that most of the customers who consume in the main road stores are less sensitive to the price, and what they pursue is how to buy the goods they need in the most convenient way In the space of price promotion, we should continue to implement different price strategies from community stores, and implement different price systems for convenience stores in different business districts.

Positioning strategy of business form marketing

In view of the differences between the target consumer groups of convenience stores and other formats, different marketing strategies are implemented: on the one hand, in the selection of special commodities, attention should be paid to the selection of varieties and the difference of special price, and an independent special price system should be implemented to reduce the loss of gross profit while creating sales highlights; On the other hand, we should actively strengthen the communication with suppliers, use the resources of suppliers to carry out a variety of promotional activities with the characteristics of convenience stores in convenience stores, so as to enhance the brand competitiveness of convenience stores.

Cost-effective control strategy

Convenience stores should learn how to calculate and manage their own operating costs, analyze and study the controllable operating costs of convenience stores every month, and effectively monitor the controllable operating costs such as equipment investment, labor cost and energy consumption control in combination with the composition of the business district, sales trend, weather change and other factors.

Convenient and warm service strategy

This is an important way to enhance the competitiveness of convenience stores. Convenience stores implement high-quality and efficient services, establish a good reputation for service, and expand new service functions to meet the needs of the target consumer groups.

On the one hand, it provides courteous smile service and polite greetings; on the other hand, it provides fast and efficient cashier service to avoid queuing and improve the level of cashier service; it also provides convenient, practical, and complete convenient service items to cultivate new competitiveness.