When talking about the Mediterranean, what I think of is the sun and sea breeze, which introduces the azure blue of the sky into the design, or at least turning it into a blue-based design. Let’s name it the Chinese Mediterranean for now because the Mediterranean style has deeply penetrated people’s cognition. Isn't it the blue tone? The dazzling blue beam, the blue lifebuoy, the inexplicable fish bones, I think many people will answer this way.

The Mediterranean Style History

Everyone has the dream of Santorini in their hearts. If it is a blue-based Chinese Mediterranean style, a more vivid metaphor is to live in a shipwreck near Santorini, forgetting to deal with Greece and Greece around the Mediterranean. Many other countries, such as Syria, Lebanon, and Libya where war is raging, Italy, the romantic country that yearns for, and Spain, are full of magical bullfighting colours. 

From the ancient nobility of southern Europe to the Moorish patterns in North Africa and then to the Middle East's exotic customs, they have been ingeniously integrated through the precipitation of history. And this is the charming and yearning Mediterranean style jewelry shop design.

The Mediterranean  Style jewelry store design

 The Mediterranean style Jewelry

At present, the Mediterranean style diamond series are used in jewellery display cabinets. There is no way because the Chinese Mediterranean style blue base is matched with extraordinary and noble diamonds, which naturally has the dazzling light of diamonds.

But we can try the authentic Mediterranean style jewellery display cabinet and shop decoration. The hard part of the store decoration can be designed to become a diamond-centred foundation with texture and then embellishment through soft decoration to achieve the effect. The jewellery display cabinet caters to it according to the store design's overall style and becomes an indispensable part.

Lighting Design

The Moorish arch is a typical architectural style in the Mediterranean Arab world, derived from Islam and Persians. Arches are often used to design jewelry display cabinets to design the image wall and the spotlight part of the display cabinet.

In the lighting design, the installation of spotlights should be considered. Because the arch is curved and can't be installed with spotlights, you can consider backlight emission, light up the laminate, or soft light bar light. Due to a half-arc decoration on the top of the laminate, the distance in-between must be increased to look like a Mediterranean arch design. Their overall visual effect is slender and straight.

Amercian Jewelry Store Design

Unique Textures

Many display cabinet designers consider the decoration of the lines when referring to the design. And this is a test of the skill of the carpenter and the painter. If you are careless, there will be deviations or cracks. The display cabinets are generally not large, so it is generally not recommended to Coupled with the line decoration. Of course, it can be done if you like the have the craftsmanship that strictly controls the quality.

Dome Jewelry Display

Dome jewelry display and round showcase also noted as the Mediterranean style. Round glass display cabinets in fine jewellery design time have to ask the size of these glasses because they are large quantities of mould. It is made with uniform size, low price and good quality. Don’t think about making a glass cover with mould. The cost is very high. It costs more than $5,000 for a single mould, plus nearly $10,000 for glass boxes made of glass. The cost is unrealistic, but of course, the local tyrants who are rich and willful are ignored.

Wall Design

When designing the walls of the store, it is recommended to use stone, wood and texture-filled walls. Many stores use lifebuoys, fish bones and iron anchors. And this is a Chinese-style Mediterranean style because our customers are more rice-rich, they see a lot of Knowledge is broad, so we don’t want to show our superficiality in these style designs. Besides, the jewellery display cabinet's board can boldly use a 3% natural veneer to make the effect of solid wood, which is natural and fresh and looks natural and rustic. 

When it comes to natural simplicity, using solid wood to paint a varnish is very effective. Still, the cost is expensive. For embellishment, it is recommended to use mobile ones, because the shop will be renovated in 3-5 years, and it is not very suitable to spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of oceans for 3-5 years.