Modern Bubble Tea Kiosk Mall Juice Bar Ice Cream Bar For Sale

Modern Bubble Tea Kiosk Mall Juice Bar Ice Cream Bar For Sale

ice cream kiosk

Attractive ice cream booth bubble tea kiosk used in mall

Purple Modern Popsicle Counter Newest Mall Ice Cream Kiosk

Design can be customized

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Special and new design kiosk can attract any customers for you. We can see many store, booth, kiosk in the mall has their bardian and suitable design style for their business. Sometimes, nice design and decoration can be a place for who love take photos and videos, which called internet celebrity economy nowadays. This is a good development for your business. Let have a look at this attractive ice cream kiosk together.

The ice cream kiosk design

To catch our eyes is the color of the kiosk. This color is purple, which looks very high-end and It's relatively rare in the market. There is one big refrigerated glass display showcase to show different tastes of the popsicle. It can make people fell the popsicle very delicious. The tissue is near the showcase, when people buy the popsicle, and they will take the tissue to clean their mouth and hands when they have eaten. There are also many small round cabinets to hold the soft ice cream. People can select the tastes. The countertop is made of quartz stone. This material is glazed and easy to be cleaned. It is very durable too. And the kiosk basic material is MDF. At the another side, one computer cash register is in the corner. There are also the cabinets for the ice cream too. At the right part, the sinks are installed. It is good for the work. About the kiosk, there are many cabinets for you to storage something. About the logo, we can see the big special logo design is in the middle at the front side. And one board also shows the logo and the ice cream pictures to attract the customers.

Above all, do you want your own kiosk design? Please contact us to talk about the design and details.

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Manufacturer Ant Display Limited
Materials MDF
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