Retail Store Outdoor decoration commits to the start of all decorations in front of and around the shop. It usually includes billboards, neon lights, lightboxes, electronic flashing advertisements, posters, leaflet advertisements, live advertisements, shop signs, facade decoration, window arrangements, and outdoor lighting, etc. 

If a retailer wants to achieve good economic benefits, he must make consumers walk into the store first. In addition to advertising, traditional prestige, and other factors, consumers start with the appearance of an unknown store. 

The general psychological reaction of people to things is that a store with elegant and luxurious outdoor decoration must also sell high-quality goods; In contrast, if the decorations are low or outdated, the goods sold must also be staggered, and the quality is difficult to guarantee. Too luxurious or too simple decoration, or inconsistent decoration, is an artificial barrier to rejecting consumers.

Jewelry Store Shop Entrance Design

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When we are talking about an outdoor design for a retail shop, It comes in the below five aspects:

  • Exterior shop front design
  • Entrance and exit design
  • Sign design
  • Window display design
  • Exterior lighting design

Shop Front Design

The shopfront design is The appearance & overall feeling of the store, sometimes it reflects the grade of the store, and it can also reflect the personality of the store. Typically, From the overall style, the shopfront design can be divided into modern style and traditional style.

The appearance of modern style gives people the breath of the times and modern psychological feeling. Most stores & retailers like modernist techniques, which inspires most consumers with a strong sense of the times. 

If the shop is in a commercial area, the nearby large shopping malls are generally modern in style, achieving a harmonious effect. Modern-style shops give people a fresh feeling in today's developing society, making them harmonious and unified with the modern high-speed society and reflecting clothing trends.

The appearance with the classic traditional style gives people a simple and solid, conventional psychological feeling. Many centuries-old stores have become traditional brand names that influence China and foreign countries, and their exterior decorations have formed a fixed pattern in the hearts of consumers. 

Therefore, their traditional appearance & design styles can attract customers more. If the clothing store deals in ethnic costumes or antique costumes, the traditional-style shop front design will be appealing. If the clothing store is opened in a commercial street full of primitive colours, it can also be consistent with a conventional style.

Signboard Design

After choosing the name of the store, you need to start the shop front sign design. The design and installation of signboards must be novel, eye-catching, and concise. Typically, the signboard design should integrate both beautiful and generous and able to attract customers' attention. 

shop front signages

Because the shop name sign itself is an advertisement with a specific meaning, in a general sense, the group with the sign can make customers or passers-by can see clearly from a long distance or multiple angles. You can also use LED neon lights to create an attractive logo advertisement at night. In general, when we design and decorate the store signboards, we should consider the following:

  • Diversified the signboard form, specification, and installation method distinctively. It must be eye-catching and be integrated with the store design to give people a perfect appearance. 
  • There are many kinds of materials for the signboard: wood, stone, metal, and it can also be directly inlaid on the decorative exterior wall. The signboard can be installed upright, wall, or suspended.
  • For many small and medium-sized professional stores, the production and use of signage can directly reflect the business content. Therefore, Making a beautiful image or graphic consistent with the business content can largely enhance the direct appeal of the movement. 
  • Different types of characters can be used depending on the business scope of the retails store. For example, Women's clothing stores can choose characters with a strong sense of fashion, and the colors of the characters should be eye-catching; On the contrary, men's clothing stores mostly focus on more formal suits. The characters should adapt to this style and look solemn; moreover, children's clothing stores should be designed lively, interesting, and attractive.

Entrance and Exit Design

Entrance is essential in the storefront design. When designing store entrances and exits, We should focus on many places while concentrating on one certain theme: store business area, passenger flow, geographic location, product characteristics, and safety management. If the design is unreasonable, it will cause packed crowds, or the goods will arrive at the exit before the customers have finished viewing, thus affecting sales. 

A good designer should Standing In the customer point to design and set up the store decoration. The entrance and exit will be the powerful pumps that drive the consumption flow. A good entry and exit design should reasonably enable consumers to browse the audience in an orderly manner from the entrance to exit without leaving blind spots. 

Generally speaking, If the storefront is a typical standard shop, it is better to have the entry and exit on the same side, in case it is too wide for customers to walk through, leaving a dead corner. If you are in an Irregular shape storefront, you have to consider various internal conditions, and the design is relatively difficult. The plan of the store door should be open and try not to allow customers to feel"claustrophobic," "dark," or other unfavourable psychology, thereby rejecting customers from the first impression.

Window Display Design

The shop window display showcase is no integral part of the overall decoration of the store's facade and first display gallery. Colour and text description are a comprehensive advertising art form for product introduction and product promotion. 

Before entering the store, consumers have to browse the window consciously or unconsciously. Therefore, the design and publicity of the window have an important influence on consumers' buying mood. The method of the window must first highlight the characteristics of the product, and at the same time make the window layout and product introduction conforms to the general psychological behaviour of consumers, that is, let consumers have a sense of beauty and comfort after viewing, and have a good feeling and yearning mood for the product. A good window layout can introduce goods, guide consumption, and promote sales and become a masterpiece of art that attracts passing pedestrians in front of the store.

jewelry store window display design

There are many ways to arrange the windows, mainly as follows:

  • Comprehensive window display: It is an extensive display of many irrelevant products in a window to form a complete window advertisement. Due to the large differences between the products, this kind of window layout must be cautious when designing; otherwise, it will give people a "mixed porridge" feeling. It can be divided into horizontal window layout, vertical window layout, and unit window layout.
  • Systematic window display: Large and medium-sized shops have a large window area and can be combined and displayed in one window according to product category, performance, material, and use.
  • Thematic window display: It is centred on an advertising topic, organizes different types of merchandise to display around a specific matter, and transmits an appealing theme to the media. It can be further divided into the festival display-the music of celebrating a certain festival to form a festive window theme; event display-a window that combines related products with certain activity in the society as the theme; scene display-according to the purpose of the product, Set up a variety of associated products in a specific scene in the window to induce customers to purchase behavior.
  • Specific window layout: Refers to using different art forms and processing methods to introduce a certain product in a window. For example, a particular window display showcases a single product or a specific presentation of a unique product model.
  • Seasonal window display: According to seasonal changes, seasonal products are displayed in a centralized manner, such as sweaters and windbreakers in late winter and early spring and summer clothes, sandals, and straw hats in late spring and early summer. This approach satisfies the psychological characteristics of customers buying seasonally and is used to expand sales. However, seasonal displays must be displayed in advance one month before the arrival of the season and introduced to customers to play seasonal publicity.

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Exterior Light Design

Outdoor lighting shows the building from external light, mainly involving three aspects: floodlighting, lamp lighting, and internal light transmission lighting.

Different lighting carriers, outdoor lighting design should pay attention to the following points: 

  1. comprehend the morphological characteristics of architectural space and design from different angles to create the most stunning effect. 
  2. The light source arrangement in outdoor lighting should be clear, with light and dark contrast. 
  3. Considering people's viewing vision, we can see the outline in the distance and the details of the space in the near. 
  4. The mapping effect of different lamp combinations.
  5. We should consider the extra light and shadow effects caused by different textures and location of the elements of space. 
  6. The position of the projector and the change of light and shadow in the building environment. 

Besides, building outdoor lighting can also use the shape, color and combination of lamps and lanterns to appreciate the lamps and lanterns. Add night vision landscape to create a point light environment. We should pay attention to the following points: 

  • Reasonably arrange the position of the lamps, the lamps will become the only visual focus at night, and its position determines the layout of the whole small environment at night; 
  • We should consider the combined effect of the lamps and the influence of the combination on the spatial form of the whole small environment; 
  • 3. Lamps and lanterns should have strong expressive force, combined with pools, sculptures, and buildings.


The shop front is the main external sign of a shop or brand, which reflects the nature and characteristics of the brand to a large extent. A good Shopfront always the best way to increase brand image and offer a great first impression. It is the beginning of sales. Therefore, we should concentrate more on a modern, attractive shopfront display design. A good shopfront design always contains the below six elements:

Suitability: The design of the door should reflect the category and characteristics of the store, publicize the contents and themes of the store, and reflect the characteristics and connotation of the goods.

Popularity: The design of Moorheadthe should change with the aesthetic concept of people in different periods, and correspondingly change the material, shape form, and popular color collocation to keep up with the trend of the times.

Advertising: The design of the door head should be able to play a role of publicity, the purpose of which is to promote the business content of the shop and expand the popularity of the store. The design can use the decorative elements of window, door head, lightbox, signboard, neon lamp to design the pattern, text, and shape, and comprehensively publicize the shop and brand.

Distinctive style and uniqueness: The design of the door head should make great efforts to make them different and innovative so that customers can feel the shock and emotional resonance of the heart as soon as they see the shop front. Design should dare to use exaggerated images and text to reflect the unique style of the shop.

Echoability: The design of the door head should pay attention to the correspondence between the environment and the surrounding environment and make it suitable for local conditions.

Economic: The door head's design should not pursue luxury, and the creation of the door head should conform to the principle of economic saving. As long as the material is selected properly and in line with its characteristics, the designed door will be well arranged and beautiful.

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